Hook, Line And Stinker? Joe Judge Blames Himself For Giants’ Smelly Start

Joe Judge’s 7-15 record in his 13 months as head coach for the New York Giants has been a concern for an organization going on its third regime in five years.

As the Mara family hesitates to pull the trigger on a new head coaching (and general manger) search, Judge is saying all the right things to display the proper maturity needed to retain his job. For now.

After practice on Thursday, Judge spoke with the media on the franchise’s outlook ahead: hoping to improve from a staggering 1-5 start.

In the aftermath of an embarrassing 38-11 loss against the Los Angeles Rams, and mounting number of injuries handicapping the roster, Judge is not looking to pass the buck this time.

“There’s your answer. I’m the head coach. It’s my responsibility, point blank,” Judge said. “Every player on this field, every position group, the execution, it all comes down to me. The fish stinks from the head down.”

Judge was in a similar position last year, albeit without the hot seat talk, when the team started 0-5, then moving on to beat Washington in Week 6.

The Giants finished Judge’s rookie season with a 6-10 record — serviceable enough to land second in the NFC East result.

Heading into the 2021-22 season, the Giants were seen as a dark horse candidate after accumulating key players in the offseason the past two years — signing top-level talent like James Bradberry, Blake Martinez and Kenny Golladay to aid both sides of the football.

Judge is cognizant of his team’s high hopes based on their talent, and is set to make adjustments before ownership does.

“I’ve been taught that from great guys who I worked for, played for. There are no excuses, no exceptions. You demand it from your coaches to make sure that the players are playing the right way. You demand it of the players to know what to do and then go out there to do it. But it starts with me and ends with me.”

The team has been met with boos, both at home and away, as patience from the fan base wears thinner than the Giants’ win column.

The Giants face the Panthers in Week 7, then facing the Chiefs, Raiders, Bucs and NFC East rival Eagles in the subsequent weeks.

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Written by Alejandro Avila

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