Joe Exotic’s Wild Limo Is Ready If He’s Pardoned, Tough Loss For Baylor Bettors & Bills Helmet Bar In The Snow

I forgot the greatness of Paul Blart: Mall Cop (the original)

The kids needed a laugh, I needed a laugh, my wife just needed a night without football on TV. Enter Paul Blart: Mall Cop. Why? It just happened organically. Facebook didn’t run an ad in the middle of the afternoon after hacking into my brain. I didn’t see some tweet featuring a Paul Blart GIF during my OutKick shift. One thing led to another and we were all laughing at Blart saving the mall from the credit card hacker before he could get away with Amy and Paul’s daughter to the Cayman Islands.

A couple of weeks ago after the death of Police Academy Officer Laverne Hooks, I mentioned how they just don’t make 1980s comedies these days and how I’m getting to the age where I need those laughs. Blart did his job last night. Sometimes, when you haven’t seen the sun much over the last 6-8 weeks, you need a hero mall cop to brighten the day.

You guys know what this means. I’m going to spend the football off-season diving into the comedy classics. I nearly fired up Naked Gun before settling on Blart. Yes, that’s going to lead to a dive into Police Squad, which will most likely lead back into a Police Academy bender, which will lead into 48 Hours and ultimately into Beverly Hills Cop. Before the daffodils come up, I expect to have covered most of Leslie Nielsen’s IMDB.

This is weird, Blart might’ve just turned me into a movie nerd.

• I can’t wait to see caravans of Bills fans making the drive to Kansas City where the get-in price is $650 for Sunday’s game. Arrowhead will allow around 17,000 fans into the game and it looks like tailgating is allowed. Folks, we are in for a semi-legitimate atmosphere for the AFC Championship game.

• Here’s something I never knew. @VitalVegas, one of the most in-the-know Vegas insiders says that Binion’s million-dollar money display was more like $4,600 on display. Vital’s report Monday was that the display may never come back after things return to normal. It seems like you wouldn’t drop a promo that people flock to if it’s just $4,600 on display. This one deserves a deeper dive.

• While it has barely snowed this winter here in northern Ohio, the Saharan sand dunes received snow this week. It’s just the fourth time in recorded history that it’s happened.

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  1. Look, I seriously do not have a problem if she has a chicken fetish, I really don’t. She wants to keep chickens, keep the chickens. How is a man gonna argue with a woman who wants her chickens? She wants 100 chickens, get a bigger yard I say. I like chickens too

  2. If you’re looking for new comedy today…forgetaboutit.

    I sat down with the wife last night and watched a new comedy she wanted to check out. I not only did not laugh, it was annoying. She wants to give it a couple more tries.

    I flipped over to an episode of season 2 of King of Queens and immediately started laughing even thou I’ve seen that episode 10 times.

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