Joe Exotic’s Lawyer’s Wife Is A Big Hit At The NFL Draft

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While college football players were busy being drafted into the NFL, Joe Exotic’s lawyer, John Phillips, was watching his wife, Angela, turn into a draft star after the couple ended up making an appearance on TV celebrating a Jaguars pick.

It turns out that Exotic’s lawyer is a longtime Jags season ticket holder who decided to go to Vegas to have some fun as the picks rolled in. Then his wife became the story.

“It got real weird on this thing called the internet last night,” John Phillips tweeted Saturday after admiration for his wife went nuts.

“John knows how to pick em. Not only beautiful but smart too,” one person tweeted to John, who responded by that Angela is the “total package.”

This is how it happens, folks. One minute you think you’re going to the NFL Draft to cheer for some picks, maybe have a beverage and a nice night out. The next minute you’re one of the stars of the Draft and you turn into a pageviews machine.

To John’s credit, he’s taking this admiration for his wife in stride. “Dayum John Phillips wife is a smoke,” a new fan of Angela’s tweeted.

“Also definitely,” John wrote back.

John gets it. Have fun with it while you can.

“My wife is spectacular. That’s the tweet,” John added as he went back to his normal life.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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