Joe Biden’s In Big Trouble As Journalists Like Glenn Greenwald Circle Overhead

One of the biggest Big J journalists in the business, Glenn Greenwald, has spent the last 24 hours taking a blowtorch to Joe Biden, how the U.S. left Afghanistan, neocons, Big Media and D.C. scumbags.  The lefties will say that this is just Greenwald playing to his new fans on the right and that Fox News is pulling the strings that result in Greenwald slamming Biden for what he’s provided to Russia with the U.S. exit from Afghanistan.

But it’s not just Greenwald bashing the president. It doesn’t take a genius to see CNN and MSNBC launching their own attacks at Biden’s decision to get out of Afghanistan while there are thousands of Americans (we think, maybe, maybe it’s more, maybe it’s a few less, who knows…) in the country and being told to figure out how to get to the airport.

The journalists are jumping off the Biden ship as fast as they can.

New York Times reporter Peter Baker is showing disdain for Biden by bringing up a 19-year-old quote to bash the president. Politico wants out. Jake Tapper’s done. CNN reporter Clarissa Ward, out of her burqa, is fed up with Biden. Wolf Blitzer is openly tweeting about Biden being a dope.

These are all people who would’ve taken a Big J career bullet for the guy like 10 days ago.

Even the poet who did her thing at Biden inauguration would like to have a word with the prez. The list of those pissed off at Biden also includes Charlize Theron, Diane von Furstenberg and Sheryl Sandberg. Those names should ring a bell, especially when you stop and think about the lib lib movement.

It’s getting really ugly when the poet is fed up. But it’s beyond ugly when none other than CNN’s Chris Cillizza, who is a big-time member of the bash DeSantis/COVID brigade, is roasting Biden. “The shine has worn off Joe Biden,” Cillizza writes this week.

CNN’s editor-at-large wasn’t done there. Cillizza is posting approval numbers that are declining fast. “(Biden) won’t have to face voters until 2024, but many of them will be on the ballot in less than 15 months and know that much of their fate lies in how the public perceives the job Biden is doing,” Cillizza continues.

“At the moment, there’s plenty of reason for concern.”

What’s the one unifying force for the libs? COVID. Watch for Biden’s team to really push that third booster narrative over the next 5-10 days as thousands of Americans try to figure out what to do as the Taliban gets trigger happy.

As sad as it is, COVID is Biden’s only way out of the hole he’s dug for himself.


Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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    • Are you joking? Biden is who he has always been…an incompetent, half-witted, boob. If you actually voted for this guy, did you not even look at his 50 year record? His corruption, his dirty son? Biden defended segregation for God’s sake. He was against properly funding the Vietnam withdrawal(sound familiar), he was against angering Russia when Reagan told them to tear down the Berlun Wall. He was against the raid that killed Bin Laden. Find an accomplishment? Biden was selected as VP because he was grandpa familiar white guy, to make Obama look less extreme, not because he was a formidable politician. He didn’t even run for president, he hid out at home, safe from covid and political questions.

  1. Joe – good piece. I am not a conspiracy theorist by any measure … but this Afghan debacle is amazing.

    Does anyone believe our State Dept / CIA didn’t know the Taliban’s movements, the weapons coming in an out of Pakistan, what giving up our Air Base (so close to China) would result in? Of course they knew all of this. Watching SECDEF and CJS act like 1st Lieutenants is embarrassing. It’s almost like they have a script and are acting. None of this makes any sense.

    Joe Biden is either being set up by the deep state (for a Kamala ascension) or the deep state is really trying to erode American power and superiority on the world stage.

    It’s a game at our expense. Literally.

    (also born in Dayton)

    • I think you’re spot on. Are used to never consider these types of scenarios and trusting our leaders had our best interest in mind. However, based on what I have seen over the last five years, there is nothing I would put past this government right now. It’s the most dishonest bunch of liars I can imagine, and they’re in power. Our government, on both sides, seem to have absolutely no fear of lying straight to our faces. When they are confronted about their lies with the fax they double down! We are in big trouble if we don’t flush the current establishment and start over.

  2. I’ve posted this before–If you voted for Biden because you hated Trump, that’s bad enough but I get it.

    But if you really thought this demented and utterly stupid PRICK would be a good president, they ought to take your voting card away.

  3. Greenwald gets accused by the left for playing to conservatives and Tucker for ratings, but it’s simply an indictment of how far the DNC has gone off the reservation. They left HIM. Greenwald seems to be a classical liberal at heart, he was critical of Trump in areas, he just called out the Russia hoax nonsense and acknowledges the danger of centralized government power over anything. These type of folks used to be called moderate Democrats. Today a moderate Democrat are those only willing to give China “partial” control over our nuclear arsenal and love anything to do with EU. Greenwald represents how brainwashed the DNC has gotten. He’s the before picture in the party’s before and after pic.

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