President Joe Biden Backtracks Plan to Open Schools in His First 100 Days

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All reasonable Americans — meaning not the teacher unions — were on board with President Joe Biden’s December plan to open most of the schools in his first 100 days in office. The plan had widespread, bipartisan support.

Tuesday, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said not so fast, explaining that the plan is to have “some teaching” in person “at least one day a week” in Biden’s first 100 days.

While this would still be an upgrade from the status quo, it is far from the vision that the Biden administration pitched to parents and students a few months ago. Even CNN’s Jake Tapper can’t defend this backtrack:

This is the second blow to Biden’s big goal. In his first full day in the White House, his staff released a document that greatly lowered the bar because it didn’t even include high schools, just K-8 schools.

“Majority” has a loose meaning these days, huh?

Biden told CBS before the Super Bowl that it’s time to reopen schools safely, which is true, yet Norah O’Donnell failed to ask him what the hold up is.

Bill O’Reilly also wondered what the problem is, citing the fact that Catholic schools have been open for months and are doing fine:

“OK. Safely. Safe. We’ve got to open safely,” O’Reilly begins. “All Ms. O’Donnell had to do is go, ‘But Catholic schools all over the country are open and have been open since September, and there hasn’t been any disaster. Isn’t that safe? What’s the difference between a Catholic school and the public school?’ This is, like, fundamental journalism that is no longer practiced in this country. This isn’t brilliance. You got to anticipate what Biden is going to say. ‘Oh, yeah, I want to open them, but safely.’ ‘Yeah. All right. But we already have a parallel track where there are thousands of schools open, private and Catholic, and there hasn’t been a problem. So, what’s holding you up in ordering the nation’s public schools to open? What is the hold up? We need ventilation. Do the Catholic schools not have the ventilation?’

“I don’t know whether you get as agitated as I get, because this is the highest level, this is the anchor person of CBS News. Doesn’t get any higher than that over there. This is just, I’m going, ‘It’s not a matter of harpooning Biden. It’s how much does the man know? How much does he know? He’s the president.'”

There’s no doubt that public schools should have reopened months ago. OutKick’s Clay Travis discussed the topic Wednesday morning:

Ahh, the science.

Open the schools. All of them. And not just for one day a week.

Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. How long do you think they can keep the covid lie going? This pysop will either blow up big time in their face where they are put in Gitmo or we are all going to be in gulags. I don’t think there’s a third option here.

  2. Does he actually make any decisions? Let’s just cut out the MiddleJoe and ask the one(s) who is(are) really in charge of what they plan. I doubt Joe’s even changing his Depends at this point.

  3. “The party that claims to care about equity more than anything has ensured, by keeping public schools closed, that poor, disadvantaged kids, the majority of whom are minority, will never catch up with rich kids who have been attending school in person all year.”

  4. “The party that claims to care about equity more than anything has ensured, by keeping public schools closed, that poor, disadvantaged kids, the majority of whom are minority, will never catch up with rich kids who have been attending school in person all year.”

    They’ll blame white privilege. Just watch.

    • DJJ, you are on it. This is exactly right. I have been saying this since last March. The children this will hurt the most are the ones that can least afford to: miss in classroom teaching; interacting with other kids; eating two meals a day for goodness sakes. No one but no one in the MSM even touches this, what about the kids that are physically, emotionally or sexually abused? Teachers are supposed to notice bruises and changes in behavior. Nah fuck those kids stay at home with your abusive family members, but hey Donald Trump is racist and it takes all of us to stamp out racism. There were so many kids at my junior high and high school that if they didn’t eat the two free meals at school they didn’t eat. All races. The Dems are right before our eyes creating the next generation of Democrat voters. Keep people dumb and dependent and they have to vote Democrat because of racism, inequality, wealth gaps, etc, etc that Dems created but will surely solve this time around. Until people realize this things will never change.

    • Does Creepy Old Joe even have any public appearances without Kamalalalalalala (Dave Chapelle as Rick James Biatch for reference) by his side? He is the ghost president. He may even die in office and would anyone even notice.

  5. Biden sucks. Teachers’ unions suck. And because of both of those facts, people need to be convinced to hammer more on their local governments. What the president says in these circumstances shouldn’t matter. He’s the head of the executive branch that should really have no say in these matters. Instead, the executive branch is able to give cover to these unions because the citizenry has allowed that particular cancer to metastasize.

  6. Let’s not give Tapper or the other mainstream media outlets too much credit. I think they realize that they still have to ask the occasional difficult question. The key is that there won’t be much follow up. They are laser focused this week on firing the previous president who no longer is in office. Then, it’s all Biden all the time. My sense is that going forward, the MSM will struggle with reflexively providing cover for a weak and ineffectual president all while trying to maintain a facade of legitimate journalism.

  7. I have friends and they have 3 kids took them out of public and put into private they love its not cheap but they are making it happen kids are and have been in school as they should be public schools are just a complete disaster and not getting better anytime soon that’s your choice folks

  8. C’mon man…I’m new to this gig…it’s not as simple as giving Corn Pop an ass-kicking.
    My 36 years in the US Senate and my 8 distinguished years in the Oval as consigliere to Barack didn’t prepare me for this!!! Who the fukk knew? Jill? Jill? Honey?

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