Joe Biden Answers For Hunter’s Dealings in Ukraine and China

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There was skepticism coming into tonight’s debate that moderator Kristen Welker would ask Joe Biden about the work his son, Hunter, did in Ukraine and China while he was VP. But she did ask: “Were anything about those relationships inappropriate or unethical?”

Biden didn’t dodge and answered with a no.

Here’s his response:

Last week at an ABC town hall with Joe Biden, George Stephanopoulos, former staffer for President Bill Clinton, didn’t mention Hunter once.

Welker was strong but she moved off this question too fast. She gave only 35 seconds to this topic that had recently generated such controversy.

As Clay Travis said, the story is far more substantive than other allegations that have been widely covered:

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  1. Hey Bobby,
    Gotta say, I was way worried about Kristen Welker being fair to Pres. Trump, after the supposedly most moderate moderator, Chris Wallace, engineered a two-on-one tag-team with China Joe against DJT.
    Props to Kristen Welker for being FAIR on time, CONSIDERATE given the import of this debate and this Election, and SMART on allowing DJT to press China Joe, and SMART on trying to get China Joe to answer some questions that nobody in the media would ask him before tonight.

    • And of course, I believe President Trump won on a unanimous decision/maybe TKO going the full 10 rounds.
      No knockdowns, but Trump’s continual left jabs on the 1994 Crime Bill, on DJT’s actual work in the Black and Hispanic Communities and on Joe being in the OVAL for 8 YEARS and getting zilch done (and STILL talking about what he WOULD do if he were Prez)…that convinced the 3-judge panel.
      All China Joe could do was to verbally plagiarize all the things the Trump Admin. is doing RIGHT NOW.

  2. The mumbling bumbling creepy senile criminal racist pervert crazy Joe Biden cannot hide the truth about his creepy crackhead pervert son Hunter being the bribe pipeline to daddy and possibly DictatorO. Now we know how DictatorO bought that nifty mansion on Marthas Vineyard.

  3. Virtually no time given to address the Biden crime family, but some is better than none. There’s new evidence coming out everyday on Slow Joe’s corruption. In regards to Biden’s “pay for access” China money, Tony B just exposed it last night.

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