JLo Was Barely Off The Market Two Weeks When Batfleck Swooped In

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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were spotted on vacation together in Montana, according to E! News. This is coming less than a month after her official split with A-Rod, and I’ll be honest — sketchy look.

Technically speaking, JLo isn’t moving like her ex partner and getting cozy with an ex while she’s in a relationship. When you’re single — it’s fair game. That said, isn’t it an odd look when you go from a serious relationship to another presumed serious relationship just three weeks later? We’d sure hope a 51-year-old JLo isn’t just messing around to rebound from the traumatic cheating scandal A-Rod left her with.

If that’s the case, then we can expect another botched engagement out of Lopez and Affleck and it won’t be pretty.

Earlier this month Affleck was seen at her home where he explained that they were “just friends.” Ya, we’ve all heard that one.

Odds it works?

We’d expect the odds to be pretty low here. It’s not often an ex tells you he’s willing to make it work after a 17-year break, but I guess whatever makes them happy in the short term, right? We should mention that almost 20 years is probably enough time to reflect on what they should’ve done the first time around. And who knows? Maybe Ben brings his ‘A’ game? We’ll see.

Written by Gary Sheffield, Jr

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