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Are you a 5k or 10k enthusiast?

Personally, I prefer to walk around my neighborhood, maybe stop for a beer at certain houses and maybe grab a burger at another house and then call it a day. I know some of you guys like putting 5k and 10k stickers on your SUVs and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s quite an accomplishment. Then there’s this guy, Skyler Holloway, out of Las Vegas who completed a 100k in 15 hours — that’s two & a half marathons — on a route that led him from Las Vegas Blvd. to Mount Charleston. I went up there one time to do the tourist thing so I know that’s some serious elevation change.

Let me repeat, HE DID IT IN 15 HOURS. “Holloway’s route started at 2 a.m. Wednesday at the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign and wound north through the city. He took the 215 Beltway trail west, then followed desert trails to the city of Mount Charleston.”

And it was hot — from 89 on the strip, to 100 and then up the mountain where it wasn’t hot, but he still had to run up the damn thing. I’m going to leave the 100ks to Skyler and I’ll go after a half-k or something similar this weekend before heading right back to the pool — after golf.

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  1. “Washington Buckles” to honor caving in and declaring 80 years of fan support as racist. It’s like a never ending divorce.

    Judge: ‘how long have you been a racists for saying the name and rooting for the ‘Redskins’? And when did you stop beating your wife.

    Defendant: ‘your honor, I am a Redskins fan. And I did poke my wife once … with a foam finger’

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