JJ Watt’s Locked In, Mahomes Can Feel It In The Air Tonight & Deion Weighs In On Odell

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I have Phil Collins’ ‘In The Air Tonight’ blasting through my headphones

It’s a live version. Always play the live version on YouTube. The energy is off the charts. It’s how l like to start off a new season of pigskin & sit here thinking about JJ Watt — in slow-motion, of course — walking into the stadium, wearing his Beats, focusing on how he’s going to destroy a left tackle and get to the NFL’s franchise quarterback. And then the drum solo comes in as Mahomes is throwing darts all over the field to 30 different receivers.

Yes, there’s going to be a social justice element to tonight’s game that will be driven into your brain & it’ll have you frustrated. Yes, the NFL will spraypaint the field with all sorts of slogans. I respect your decision to watch or not watch, but I was put here by the football gods to provide pigskin coverage and that means I’ll be locked on Al & Cris.

Remember, no Collinsworth slide. 25% or so capacity. No Indian headdresses for Chiefs fans. But football is back and hopefully, all of us can find some peace during these insane times. Enjoy your day.

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  1. What a run by Prime i mean how great was that dude the only one i liked watching better and its a close one was Bo Jackson the Lord really blessed both of them with an overabundance of talent. Both of them ran two of the fastest 40s ever to this day i mean were talking sub 4.2 and Bo at 230 lbs wow just speechless i miss em both.

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