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Jimmy Kimmel Calls Reddit Investors ‘Russian Disruptors’

When something doesn’t go the way that Leftist media and pop culture figures prefer, they blame Russia. Even B-list celebrity Jimmy Kimmel is trying it.

In his latest monologue, Kimmel tackled the GameStop stock phenomenon very poorly. And by “poorly,” I mean without even a trace of humor. Instead of making his viewers laugh, Kimmel pulled a Trevor Noah. Check it out:

Wow, how original.

For those who have determined never watch a Kimmel video, here is what he said:

“GameStop, if you don’t know, is a video game store, and like a lot of businesses, they’ve been struggling because of COVID but also because most people buy games online now. And yet, despite a sharp decline in sales, over the past six months their stock price has grown by 8000 percent because a bunch of amateur investors, maybe even some Russian disruptors who are part of a Reddit community called WallStreetBets, decided to buy a bunch of GameStop stock and drive the price up and screw over the hedge fund guys who had shorted the stock.”

Maybe even some Russian disruptors, huh?

You are likely wondering whether this is considered a conspiracy. Since the media doesn’t count Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi saying Donald Trump might have allowed the Capitol riot on behalf of Vladimir Putin as a conspiracy, they would probably say that Kimmel is just “considering all possibilities” here.

Kimmel has been accused of siding with wealthy Wall Street investors, but I doubt his monologue is that calculated. I explained a few weeks ago that Donald Trump simply killed late-night TV. The nation’s interest in Trump played right into Stephen Colbert’s wheelhouse and eventually lifted him to No.1 in the late-night ratings. Fallon and Kimmel then countered Colbert by pivoting to political “satire,” yet neither did so successfully. Kimmel’s “Russian disruptors” segment is no different than late-night comedy has been the past four years. Kimmel was just inserting himself into a topic in which he doesn’t belong.

The only good part in all of this is imagining some old, angry, rich investor watching this clip and yelling about the Russians. For that, I thank Jimmy Kimmel.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers any news story that deserves attention but focuses on media. His interests include reading Stephen King novels, avoiding traffic on the road, and pretending to solve true-crime mysteries. He still believes Cersei should've won and encourages everyone to always question the news.


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  1. Over the past 6 months? Its much closer to 2 weeks Jimmy. …and I am sure he would apologize profusely if anyone called him out for ever being friends with Adam Carolla. By the way his bookt
    “I’m Your Emotional Support Animal” is very good.

  2. I was never really a late night talk show tv guy besides the occasional watch that had an interesting guest or musical guest. Jimmy K has made me never question watching it ever again. He has become such a disgusting human being. The man openly and proudly destroys the lives of people that have done nothing other than disagree with his horrible opinions. The fact that he still avoids any accountability or responsibility for his lasts actions while condemning others for the same or less speaks volumes of the characterof the man.
    Such is society today.

  3. Amazing how his work on The Man Show, in which he managed to break EVERY SINGLE Cardinal Sin of today’s Liberal Elite Society, gets completely forgotten by them, while decade old tweets get dug up and used to cancel other people.

  4. Looks like a dick already. Mark Cuban came out this morning validating the WSB/Reddit crowd and applauded the strategy employed by the traders and went on CNBC explaining why the strategy they used was solid.

  5. What happened to this guy? He was actually very funny in the early part of his career – when being funny was what mattered to him.

    I go back to the mid 90’s when he started on local Los Angeles radio(Kevin n Bean). He was the sports guy, brought on Adam Carolla to the Kevin n Bean show, then they both started The Man Show. He had a short stint as host on Win Ben Stein’s Money(gameshow) in the interim. The beginning of the talk show was good, the Matt Damon gag very funny, for example.

    He was just a normal guy in the beginning. Hollywood swallowed him whole, spit out a commie.

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