Jimmy Johnson On Bengals’ QB Joe Burrow: ‘He’s In That Elite Category’

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Longtime NFL and college football head coach Jimmy Johnson knows elite when he sees it. He’s coached a couple of Hall of Fame quarterbacks, a National Champion, and a Heisman winner, amongst others. Names like Aikman, Marino, Kosar and Testaverde. His eyes don’t lie, and they currently see someone special up in Cincinnati – Joe Burrow.

“He’s in that elite category,” Johnson said of Burrow via The Joe Rose Show.

Johnson acknowledges that Burrow’s among a handful of young NFL quarterbacks who are playing at a high level, despite their youth.

“You know, you look at the young quarterbacks, the Patrick Mahomes and [Justin] Herbert with Burrow, I mean, it’s impressive some of these young quarterbacks,” Johnson told The Joe Rose Show. “They’re ready to play once they get — their rookie season, they’re ready to play. All these guys had outstanding seasons, they’re only in their second, third, and fourth year. So, I think the quarterback play is really going to be great for years to come.”

Johnson isn’t alone in praising the young gunners, especially Burrow. Longtime NFL offensive coordinator Norv Turner convinced Johnson of Burrow’s abilities years ago:

“He worked out [Sam] Darnold and [Josh] Rosen and Baker Mayfield and all of them really for the past six or seven years,” added Johnson. “He called me. This was before I even knew much about Joe Burrow. I watched LSU of course, but he said, ‘Working out this Joe Burrow. He’s better than any of the quarterbacks I’ve worked out for the past 10 years.’

“He said, ‘He’s unbelievable.’ He said, ‘His accuracy, his pinpoint accuracy, plus his confidence is off the chart.’”

If Burrow wins on Sunday and continues his ascent into the club of NFL elites, don’t be surprised to hear Johnson hollering, “How ‘bout them Bengals!?”


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Written by Anthony Farris


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