You Can Play Jimmy Butler 1-On-1 For $699 If That’s What You Want To Spend Your Money On

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If you’ve got $700 burning a hole in your pocket and want to use it to lose at something, maybe you’ll want to use it to play 1-on-1 with Jimmy Butler.

Y’know, or not… but it’d definitely be a story.

The Miami Heat star is hosting a basketball and cheerleading camp for kids. But wait, there’s more! He’s offering a special add-on that’s also available for campers or parents. For $699 he’ll play you 1-on-1.

This was reported by Miami TV station WPLG’s WIll Manso.

No word on whether or not Shakira will be there, That might be an upcharge,

Playing Jimmy Butler Would Be An Experience… Probably An Embarrassing One, But Still An Experience

What an experience that would be, but in all honesty, why not pay that much money to have someone pants you in front of a crowd of people? That’s what would happen to the vast majority of us if we tried to play any NBAer, even a bench player.

I know I wouldn’t take this offer if I was given a considerable discount. Jimmy could go easy on me and I’d still look like a guy who had just learned what basketball was earlier that same morning.

If I want to humiliate myself, I’m going to do it for free, thank you very much. I don’t need Jimmy Butler to block a ball straight back in my face for that to happen.

Still, there will 100% be takers. Plenty of them.

I’m thinking there will be plenty of dads out there who want to try to show their kids they can still ball with the best of them. They’ll gladly fork over the money to go toe to toe against one o the NBA’s best in Jimmy Butler.

Hopefully, the cameras will be rolling when one of these folks gets posterized by Jimmy Buckets.

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