Jimmie Johnson’s Quick Return From Coronavirus Is A Good Omen For Sports

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It is significant that Jimmie Johnson is already back following testing positive for coronavirus.

It tells us that athletes are going to bounce back fast. They can be back in less than a week.

Despite the doomsayers and the purveyors of angst, the coronavirus for most athletes is going to be less significant than a sprained ankle.

Most athletes are going to be back really, really fast.

Look at what happened with the PGA as well. They’ve already modified their testing schedule so all you have to do is test negative a couple times after you’ve tested positive and you’re back in.

Same thing is going to happen in the NBA, MLS, NFL, college football, etc.

Angst-ridden pessimists don’t like to hear it but young people who play these sports are more likely to die of the flu by a massive magnitude than they are to die of the coronavirus.

College kids are more likely to die from being struck by lightning than they would die of the coronavirus.

So, we gotta stop over-reacting to positive tests. Positive tests in a young, healthy person are not much different than the flu.  It’s a lot less than the flu for many people.

Jimmie Johnson is an interesting story to follow because it suggests that the number of people who test positive and actually substantial number of games is going to be fairly low.

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  1. Hey Clay,
    Great points absolutely. The naysayers and the talking heads that claim moral superiority will claim your story is just anecdotal evidence; not really relevant. Far from it…it’s the best kind of data, as you refer to data as the only proper basis for analysis. Thank you!!!

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