Best NFL Fits for Jim Harbaugh

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Rumors are swirling that Jim Harbaugh could return to the NFL next season after a disastrous run at Michigan. 

It’s doubtful many NFL teams will line up at his door, though. If any do, here are the likely candidates:

Los Angeles Chargers

How fitting would it be for the Chargers to keep Anthony Lynn, who should have gotten the boot Sunday after embarrassing the NFL in a 45-0 debacle against New England? Very.

For Harbaugh, the Chargers are ideal. After failing to develop a single QB at Michigan, he’d inherit a stud in Justin Herbert.

However, LA may not want him. With one of the best young QBs in the game, the Chargers should focus solely on Eric Bieniemy, hoping he can teach Herbert some of Patrick Mahomes’ tricks.

The Chargers have playoff talent, and assuming Lynn is gone, they will be the best coaching opening by a mile.

Good fit for Harbaugh. The Chargers can do better.

Houston Texans

Houston also has its QB and should focus on Bieniemy, but only one team can land the Chiefs’ coordinator.

Harbaugh would do well in Houston, though there is a ceiling. As great as Deshaun Watson is, the Texans’ front office has botched every trade it has made, has no draft capital, sent DeAndre Hopkins to Arizona, and can’t fix the team’s holes.

Perhaps, Harbaugh could get Houston back to the playoffs. Is that worth coming back to the NFL for?

Chicago Bears

Ahh, Harbaugh’s old team. If Chicago fires Matt Nagy, I bet they give Harbaugh a look.

Defensively, Chicago’s talent is close to what Harbaugh took to the Super Bowl in San Francisco. That said, none of it will matter if the Bears can’t find a QB.

No team in the NFL is worse off at the most important position in sports. The Jets and Jags are going to draft theirs. The Bears, on the other hand, have to hope some team messes up badly early in the draft.

Because of the uncertainties at QB, Chicago is the third-best fit.

Detroit Lions

Who would want to coach the Lions?

The state also never wants to see Jim Harbaugh again.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. This is entirely dependent on Dean Spanos actually making a good decision. They will end up with neither Bienemy or Harbaugh, and most likely will end up with Adam Gase or Gregg Williams. Maybe they can bring back Norv Turner.

  2. Assuming the Michigan years haven’t ruined him I tend to think Harbaugh has more upside than would appear. You have to understand that the administration at Michigan has more in common with Vanderbilt than it does any top program. They see themselves as a blue blood academic institution that just happens to have this football thing. It’s a giant money maker so they have to feed the beast, but at the end of the day they’re okay with losing a few every year as long as the program isn’t doing anything they have to be embarrassed about at their cocktail parties. I truly believe somewhere in year two someone went to Harbaugh and said “You can stay as long as you want, just tone it down on the sidelines.” Harbaugh bought in and the fire was gone. Used to pound shoulder pads, wear cleats, throw play sheets and scream at referees on the sidelines. Now he wears browline glasses in honor of Woody Hayes.

  3. Harbaugh never got over losing the SB to his brother. i see him landing on a team that is baron of talent like the Texacans or Bengals or Jets. each of those teams are paying players to suck. Urban would be on a very narrow window (maybe dolphins/chargers, since each team has a rookie qb thats solid)

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