Jim Harbaugh Addresses Michigan Fans Booing Cade McNamara

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Jim Harbaugh really stuck his neck on the line Monday when asked about Michigan fans booing his senior quarterback Cade McNamara who is now the team’s backup quarterback.

With his team 2-0 and a schedule full of cupcakes and his new 5-star starting quarterback J.J. McCarthy dazzling during a blowout over 52-point underdog high school team Hawaii, Harbaugh isn’t in the mood to rock the boat.

Enter coach speak.

“I do. The coaches do. Our players do. They embrace the fact that we have two really good quarterbacks,” Harbaugh said during his weekly press conference. “You’d love for your fan base to be able to do that. The main thing is it’s a big edge for our team to have two really good quarterbacks.”

If you were waiting for Harbaugh to “uh” and “um” his way into a lecture of the fans who booed McNamara, who engineered a Big Ten title for the Wolverines in 2021 — their first since 2004, it appears you’re not going to be rewarded.

Now, remember that McNamara’s only crime here is that he’s not McCarthy and doesn’t have a big enough arm to complete 50-yard touchdowns against Hawaii.


Today’s lesson to the senior captain appears to be crystal clear: deal with it.

No sympathy.

Now, let’s contrast this with what Harbaugh had to say about McNamara in August.

“Cade — I often think about that, like he’s a young Jimmy Harbaugh,” Harbaugh told Fox Sports. “I can just see it. He’s a great competitor.

“He’s a great practice player, he’s a great game player. My favorite stat in any quarterback is how many drives did they lead and what’s the percentage that those end up in a touchdown or points on the board. Cade’s is off the charts — it’s over 50 percent.”

How soon the tables turn.

Harbaugh’s onto Saturday’s classic showdown against Connecticut with his new Ferrari.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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