Jim Gaffigan Flew Off His Rocker In A Rant On President Trump

Netflix star and comedian Jim Gaffigan fell into a Jim Carey-esque panic attack over Twitter discussing his opinion on President Trump. As if this country needed the input of yet another “coastal elite” worth $30 million. Well, according to Gaffigan:

The sky is falling!

Fascinating how much Jim Gaffigan knows about Democratic candidate Joe Biden when we, in fact, know nothing. He hasn’t gotten out on the campaign trail to do what every other candidate in the history of the country has done: Debate.

The last time he spoke, the Democrats yanked him back into his bubble like only Willy Wonka could. Explains their need to hide him, but Gaffigan needs to stop the cherade. We know nothing about Joe Biden other than him forgetting where he is routinely and other or his flip-flop to defund the police. And that he was the one standing behind Obama with the teeth. Chills.

Jim Gaffigan hilariously mentions the economy “never coming back.” What are the odds he thought this country would be in financial ruin a year ago? Pretty high. Celebrities continue to fail at understanding politics won’t change their status no matter who the president is, so they have free rein to virtue signal towards their target audience.

Had to save this best one for last:

Not sure if Jim knows what “Cancel Culture” is, but he seems to forget people watch his comedy or do anything entertaining to do only that. Not for our hard-earned money to turn into a lecture. If people want to be lectured by a comedian over the politics they know know nothing about, they can head to CNN and wait for a guest appearance from Kathy Griffin or Ellen DeGeneres.

So long to your ratings, Jim!

Written by Gary Sheffield, Jr

Gary Sheffield Jr is the son of should-be MLB Hall of Famer, Gary Sheffield. He covers basketball and baseball for OutKick.com, chats with the Purple and Gold faithful on LakersNation, and shitposts on Twitter. You can follow him at GarySheffieldJr


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  1. Thanks, Gary
    I appreciate the heads up on my former favorite comedian.
    Guess he doesn’t care that Republicans like to laugh at good stand up, too.
    T-shirt – $25…now $0
    Sweatshirt – $31.99…now $0
    Best-selling Book by your wife – $22.99…now $0
    Blowing off half your fan base – Priceless

  2. Yeah, he definitely lost a fan here. It’s clear he just accepts the bullcrap that CNN and MSNBC spout. Has he done his research? Doubt it. Has he been brainwashed by the leftist media to believe anything and everything about Donald Trump is evil? Absolutely. I look forward to the day, but also fear it, when all of these idiots are proven wrong. We’re all going to have to watch America fall together.

  3. I love Jim Gaffigan, but brother it sounds like its time to move those 5 kids out of NYC, aka the most shallow and narcissistic place on Earth.

    I would like to address a few of his tweets:

    – Regarding the economy never coming back under Trump – I’d be very interested to hear your logic for that. My own personal experience is that my income has nearly doubled in the last 4 years. I’m of the impression that lower taxes and deregulation helps the market and small businesses thrive. But perhaps you could enlighten me otherwise?

    – Lou is a silly old codger, but a hell of a coach and motivator. I agree he should refrain from speculating on the faith of other people. Bad look for Lou but what can you do, he’s 83. Not a great look for you either Jim, dropping an F-Bomb on an 83 year old guy.

    – Regarding the time you didn’t get paid, that’s Trump – I think it may be more accurate to say “The time you did a shit job and didn’t get paid” or “that time you were pissed that your Mom and Dad didn’t buy you the Michael Jackson leather jacket with the chains and cheese graters”. You see Jim, after 8 years of a president who thought it was a good idea for successful American’s to pay for unsuccessful American’s healthcare, and give free smart phones to anyone that wants one – all you have to do qualify is be poor, we kind of need that heavy guy to balance things out. American Politics like life in general tends to ebb and flo, we had 8 years of the popular kid that everyone liked but never stood up to anyone or anything, now we’re having 8 years of the slightly nerdy, preppy kid that wore a coat and tie to school everyday, got straight A’s, and was wildly unpopular with the stoners.

  4. Great Stuff Gary!!!

    And Jim is suppose to be a comedian? Not any More.

    (To be fair, the funniest man alive is dave Chappelle. A couple years ago one of his Netflix shows went off the rails like Jimmy, but it was in a live show. He spent 10 minutes attacking trump And not in a funny way. No one laughed. Not really. He stopped being ‘unfunny’ real quick)

    Great Work Gary Jr. 👏🏻

  5. Gary, I love this line: “The last time he spoke, the Democrats yanked him back in his bubble like only Willy Wonka could”

    Biden’s “handlers” are really going to be sweating out the debate (if there is one), hoping Biden doesn’t forget where is, falsely claim 150,000,000 have been killed by guns in last year, or confuse his sister with his wife.

    (Biden also stated 120,000,000 have died of Covid. He seems to have a lot of trouble with numbers)

  6. Dang it dude! Gaffigan was hilarious and he’s ruining it! He drank the koolaid. Unfortunately, it looks like he’s the latest comedian who used to be funny, got famous, got paid, lived in New York City too long, surrounded himself with privileged woke, and let that make him think he’s more important than he truly is. What a shame. RIP funny Jim Gaffigan.

  7. Uh, this moron could not define “economy” but hate to break it to you Jimmy, it already is coming back. Nor does he even know what a fascist is. As far as “belief in the law” would that include not wanting to see buildings burned, public property destroyed, people assaulted in the streets and others killed for defending their property? Eh Jim? We are waiting.

  8. Notice how all these lefties are fowl and vulgar they just can’t disagree in a civil manner respecting the humanity of the other person and undertand its ok to have different opinions. Always angry and pissed off about something it seems to be a common thread among these people. And wow i don’t know who this cat is and worth 30mm only in America

    • Fair to say they are a ball of nerves and anxiety, which has a very easy explanation, its the result of putting their ultimate faith in other human beings, who will always fail you at some point. A lot of folks like Gaffigan start out pretty even keeled and down to earth, but as their celebrity and wealth grows, and they find themselves living in a bubble away from the average person, the more miserable and bitchy they seem to get.

  9. Welp, that’s certainly disappointing…not in that he might be a Biden supporter and dislike Trump, i live and work with people who feel that way… in my Louis CK voice “it’s the fucking arrogance” of a dude like this and all the rest of them…
    This tweet is a literal copy and paste from him, and is probably the dumbest and lazy of them all…its the type of sentence a white person in suburb would put on a sign to appear woke…its a joke:::

    Remember everything Trump accuses the Democrats of he’s guilt of. Dont let the socialist name calling distract you from the fact he is a fascist who has no belief in law.

    Ok, Jim, we got it, you gotta save your celebrity cred…

      -Some leftist political agitator, probably with one of those ‘Coexist’ bumper stickers on their 1999 busted-up Dodge Neon.

  10. I like Gaffigan and will continue to watch his specials as long as he keeps politics out of the actual shows. He’s entitled to whatever opinions he wants, whether dumb or not just like everyone else. It is what it is.

    • I agree, he’s one of the few comedians I can stand to listen to because he does keep it apolitical. Both Jim and Sebastian Maniscalo can make me laugh till I’m literally crying when they get on a roll. Brian Regan can be great as well.

  11. Hey Gary I’ve grown to really like your work. Always super based keep it up man. I liked him as a comedian because he was hilarious while being clean and family oriented. Most jokes about food but still relatable. Once you pick a side you lose good honest people. That’s why the Jordan doc crushed NBA ratings. Jordan was a man of all people not just one side of the isle.

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