Jill Savage on Roe v. Wade Protestors: ‘They Don’t Look Like Mentally Stable People’

Jill Savage joined Dan Dakich on Don’t @ Me to discuss everything Roe v. Wade.

Jill and Dan talked about how the Mississippi lawsuit led to the outcome we see today, and discussed the protests and response to the ruling.

Dan asked Jill for her perspective, as a woman, on where the line is with some of the protesters.

“I just can’t pay attention to [them],” Dan said. “You know what I mean? Like, there’s so much crazy, like, okay, you’re hurting your own cause by being so whacked out.”

Roe v Wade protests
Abortion rights demonstrators during a Rally For Reproductive Freedom in Austin, Texas, US, on Sunday, June 26, 2022. Getty Images

Jill doesn’t know if the protesters have a line they draw when it comes to the cause they are trying to show support for.

“I don’t think they have a line there and I think that’s half of the problem,” she said. “I think this is what people are finally seeing what they will do. … Not to be offensive for this, but they don’t look like mentally stable people, a lot of them right. Like you see the outfits that they’re throwing on, they’re going through and protesting outside of the Supreme Court Justice’s houses. They are posting their addresses online. None of this behavior is what you would say a sane, rational-thinking person would be doing. But this is absolutely what we’ve seen in the wake of a Roe v Wade being overturned.”

Here’s what Dan and Jill had to say about the Roe v. Wade protesters:

Watch to see Dan’s full interview with Jill on Monday’s episode of Don’t @ Me:

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