Jets’ Morgan Barron Shows Off Nasty Scars After Taking Ice Skate To The Face, Requiring 75 Stitches

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Winnipeg Jets forward Morgan Barron … or Chucky the Killer Doll?

Morgan Barron is still healing after taking an ice skate to the face and having the right side of his side patched up with 75 stitches.

During a media session on Thursday ahead of Game 2, Barron showed off his new look. And in the nicest way possible, it was a terrifying sight.

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During Tuesday night’s NHL postseason matchup between Winnipeg and the Las Vegas Golden Knights, Morgan Barron joined a scramble for the puck near the Golden Knights’ net. Golden Knights goalie, Laurent Brossoit, accidentally struck Barron with his ice skate, cutting him right about his eye, narrowly avoiding a more severe injury.


“You know, some guys have told me it looks better than expected, and some guys look at me like I’m a science project, so I’ve kind of gotten both ends of the spectrum,” Morgan Barron told NHL reporters on Thursday. “I think it feels better than it looks.”

Barron admitted after Game 1 that his immediate reaction to the grisly injury was concern over his right eye, fearing he had lost it.

There’s still no denying how tough Morgan Barron is for coming back to the game after the injury. Barron exited the game, holding his bloodied face, in the first period and returned in the second.

Barron and the 1-0 Winnipeg Jets have their eyes on the prize.

It goes to show there’s no such thing as “load management” in the NHL. Those are some tough sons of guns!

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