Man Ordered To Remove ‘Jesus Saves’ Shirt At Mall Of America, Security Says It Was ‘Offending People’

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For a mall that has the word ‘America’ in its name, the Mall of America sure seems to hate both freedom of speech and freedom of religion as evidenced by mall security telling a man to remove his ‘Jesus Saves’ t-shirt.

In the viral video, a man is seen wearing a bright yellow shirt that reads ‘Jesus Saves’ on the front and ‘Jesus is the only way’ on the back with the ‘Coexist’ symbol crossed out.

The mall, or at least the mall cop, didn’t appreciate the shirt and claimed that it was offending other shoppers.

“Jesus is associated with religion and it’s offending people,” the guard said. “You can take your shirt off and you can go to Macy’s and you can do your shopping — or you could leave the mall. Those are your only options right now.”

The security guard later yelled, “if you want to shop here you need to take that shirt off.”

According to a spokesperson who spoke with the Daily Mail, the man was “issued a 24-hour trespass for soliciting guests” a week prior.

The mall’s website states that it disapproves of “apparel that has obscene language, obscene gestures or racial/religious/ethnic slurs that are likely to create a disturbance.”

After the mall cop made a ridiculous scene over the Jesus Saves shirt, the man was ultimately allowed to keep his shirt on and continue shopping.

‘Jesus Saves’ t-shirts are apparently considered ‘offensive’ in public places nowadays.

Meanwhile, the Mall of America celebrates Pride Month for over six weeks and encourages shoppers to visit stores and restaurants that “have committed to creating a culture and space where everyone is welcome.”

It sure doesn’t seem like everyone is welcome.

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  1. There may be MORE to this than revealed in this report. On the surface it would appear the “mall cop” was either a “rogue wokie” or he reports to a Woke Terrorist Management …. like “Learfield”. …. and the t-shirt guy could be “at fault” too.

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