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Jesus, Journalism and Woj’s F-Bomb: An American Tragedy


Journalism’s reward of truth aligned with my worldview.

Much the way my grandmother, Mama Lovie Kennedy, planted the seed of Christianity within my soul, Chicago newspaper columnist Mike Royko embedded the seed of journalism in my mind. 

For me, Jesus and Journalism work together like Jordan and Pippen. The American Dynasty would not exist without the pairing of Jesus and Journalism.

The unending search for and exposing of truth powered this country’s ascent to unprecedented freedom. The first amendment to the United States Constitution, ratified in 1791, protected religion (Jesus) and the press (Journalism). 

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Nearly every day I sit in stunned amazement watching Twitter annihilate the pillars of our constitutional republic. Twitter’s reaction to star NBA reporter Adrian Wojnarowski’s stupefying miscue is the latest example of social media’s subversive impact. 

On Friday, Hawley shared with the media the letter he wrote NBA commissioner Adam Silver questioning the league’s friendly relationship with China and its planned Black Lives Matter social justice messaging. Within 2 minutes of receiving the email, Wojnarowski responded “Fuck You.” Hawley shared the exchange on his Twitter feed.

Twitter celebrated Wojnarowski’s partisan buffoonery as though he’d sacrificed his seat at the front of the bus to Rosa Parks. When Outkick’s Ryan Glasspiegel reported Saturday evening that ESPN suspended Wojnarowski for the offense, Woj entered Twitter’s woke heaven. Bluecheck angels caused the #FreeWoj hashtag to trend. On Sunday, LeBron James greeted Woj at social media’s martyr gates, tweeting the hashtag to his 46 million worshippers.

Like Jesus turning water to wine, Twitter stripped Wojnarowski of his white privilege and turned him into a victim, LaAdrian Washington. Before his unpaid suspension is over, I fully expect to learn that MAGA-hatted bigots spray-painted a noose on Woj’s gated New Jersey mansion.

Sounds far fetched? Only if you fail to recognize Twitter’s control of journalists.  Journalists criticized Hawley for sharing Woj’s “private” email. How is any communication originally sent to dozens of reporters deemed private? And why would anyone with a layman’s understanding of journalism think Wojnarowski’s response was defensible?

It’s the media’s addiction to Twitter. We now crowdsource our ethics, standards and guiding principles. The Twitter mob is America’s ombudsman. 

Journalism is dead. It’s been sick for a long time. The widespread usage of the internet placed journalism on life support in the 1990s. Facebook and Twitter pulled the plug. 

Big Tech killed the greatest human experiment, the United States of America. You can’t sustain freedom and fairness with mob crowdsourced ethics and standards.  By definition, a mob is disorderly, riotous and lawless. A mob is unconcerned with truth.

The theory driving the importance of a “a free press” is that journalists will deliver truthful information to the public and the public will make good decisions based on that information. 

Feed the public social media-friendly, clickbait narrative lies disguised as racial-justice truth and you provoke the kind of unrest currently sweeping this nation. Media black lies matter. They agitate old wounds, sow discord and distrust, undermine patriotism and prevent us from addressing real problems. 

The annual murder of thousands of black men is a legitimate problem. Social media has us fixated on the annual murder of a half dozen. Black lies matter, especially when they’re used to conceal a political agenda detached from the advancement of freedom. 

Journalists should not be political partisans. We’re supposed to be arbiters and discoverers of truth. Nothing in Sen. Hawley’s email should’ve triggered Wojnarowski. Nothing in Woj’s two-word rebuke should’ve triggered other journalists to support him. 

Under the pretense of resisting the Trump presidency, journalists joined the mob and dropped their ethics. We became everything we accuse the president of being. Rude, emotional, arrogant, irrational, dishonest, vain, racist, elitist and obsessed with our social media feeds.

There is no lie we won’t tell in pursuit of smearing President Trump. The Resistance acts as religion, washing away the sins of its congregants and labeling non-believers as heathens unworthy of America’s kingdom. 

But President Trump is merely a smokescreen, a beard justifying the mob’s dismantling of truth and destruction of freedom. The enemies of the American way use the Orange Man as bait for the abandonment of our founding values, principles and pillars —Jesus and Journalism,  the belief in the liberating power of truth.  

In rejecting those values, we also must reject and demonize the founders of this country. Their flaws nullify their truths, good works and all the documents they created that led to a level of freedom envied by the world. The revision of history and establishment of a new worldview requires an evisceration of the historymakers who valued religion and a search for truth above all else.  

This is insanity. It’s insanity that can only be believed by those who reject the word of God. 

The Bible is a collection of stories examining God’s relationship with flawed men and women. The Apostle Paul, the writer of the New Testament, was a violent religious radical. It took being struck blind by Jesus to get Paul to serve God. David murdered Bathsheba’s husband and then married her. 

I could go on. We’re all flawed and a reflection of the times we live in. There are no perfect people among us today. Don’t confuse my public exploration and explanation of Christianity and its role in my worldview as some claim to the moral high ground. I’m as much a work in progress right now as I was when I wrote about frequenting strip clubs and the unbeaten record of Pussy Galore. 

The difference between now and then is my level of understanding of how and why I think the way that I do. Seeds were planted in me years ago. I loved my grandmother more than any human being on this planet because she emoted a love of Jesus Christ that overwhelmed anyone in her presence. I fell in love with Journalism reading Mike Royko’s syndicated column. I couldn’t tell you Royko’s political point of view. He was fair and objective. 

Twitter is driving America to turn its back on Mama Lovie and Mike Royko. Social media promotes the worship of celebrities, the distortion of truth in pursuit of political agenda and racial polarization.

America won’t survive this perversion. 

Thomas Jefferson expressed it this way: “Were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers, or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter.”

Jesus Christ expressed it this way: “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

This weekend I read Clay’s column about Wojnarowski. Clay referenced Outkick as a last bastion for free speech and independent thought. His column fired me up. 

We want to defend truth and journalism. And maybe we’ll inspire you and others the way Royko once inspired me.

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Written by Jason Whitlock

Jason Whitlock is a longtime sports writer, TV personality, radio host, podcaster and the newest member of the Outkick family.
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  1. Outstanding.
    Did I say Outstanding!?

    Today’s radio broadcast alone was one of the best 3 hours of intelligent listening 👂 that I’ve experienced. And I’m a 7 day a week radio listening fool.

    Outkick needs to keep pressing forward.

    Yes Pun intended!!

    Truth. Justice. The American Way. Signed, Supermen (Clay and Jason)

  2. Jason, thank you again. In regards to inspiration, you had already inspired me long ago back when you were on SFY. In this world of “mob rule”, “cancel culture”, and misinformation, I appreciate so much your voice. It is insane who we have “elected” to be our social media “leaders”. Instead of voices like Coleman Hughes, we listen to Greg “Pop” Popovich (who speaks out of both ends of his mouth, ranting on social justice while turning a blind eye to NBA’s And1 China tour). Instead of Chloe Valdary, we get Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez (Chloe is very liberal, but she is certainly a “truth” seeker as opposed to the manipulative AOC)……… Jason, I learned of Chloe Valdary through Coleman Hughes through you……I urge all Outkick readers to go back and read all of Whitlock’s columns if you have not already done so. We, “Whitlock and Clay’s army”, need to do our part of promoting this great website.

  3. Solid piece. One of the good things about becoming a VIP is that I can delete my Twitter…again. (I’m like the WrestlingJesus of Twitter. Hopefully this time it’s permanent). The only two reasons I had it before were to follow Clay Travis and promote blogging. Now I just follow Clay here. Just as this piece points out, social media is such a haven of self-worship and idolization. Satanism at its core. Can’t stand to spend even five seconds on it.

  4. This is spot on. I have felt this way a long time. It’s disheartening. I have to hold on to the truth the God saw all this unfolding. I’m not going to get into trying to understand His thoughts, but maybe He is allowing the silent majority to have an Awakening.

  5. As usual, AWESOME! To a large extent, President Trump is a straw man in the progressive (marxist) argument. This is an attack on the core principles of America, period. Your words should inspire all of us in the silent majority, whether republican, democrat, or independent, to wake up & speak up. Enough of the America-bashing while any criticism of China or in support of liberty & freedom are verboten. Jason, thank you.

  6. I see pro-Democrat signs in people’s yards saying simply ‘Enough’. Sorry but that’s MY line. ENOUGH of cancel culture and faux racial justice that uses it as a shield for pushing Marxism. That’s what democrats represent, that’s who populates the media and runs the algorithms that make the 2% of the population on tw@tter seem like a monolithic Satanist Marxist bloc. I don’t even go to church but I realize that these Woke Brigade people represent the Satan that seeks to destroy a nation founded on the idea that GOD gave us our rights which can never be stripped away. Make no mistake: these people cannot stand the idea of man not being able to take people’s rights away. They only care about rights when they’re their own.

    • Totally agree. How about the yard signs that say “Hate has no home here”. These are the same people who foster such a high level of hate against anyone who does not believe and think the same way they do. People put them them in their yards because of President Trump. Jason is right, the “orange-man is a smokescreen” for the bigger picture – destruction of American Values, Truth, and Freedom.

      • Exactly right. That sign is a joke. I joke with my wife that hate has a home here, for if they entered my house without being invited, they would experience nothing but hate.

        A house nearby has a few signs, one being “Native American day, not Columbus Day”, or something like that. I’m glad these liberals are putting out these signs so they clearly communicate to me that they are in fact morons to the highest order.

  7. Thanks for this hard hitting article. I had to read it twice to make sure I caught it all. Also, the radio show was outstanding this morning as well. I am a lifelong fan! Keep bringing it Outkick, keep bringing it!

  8. LeBron castigates Daryl Morey for “Free Hong Kong.”
    He supports WOJ for “Fuck You” (to a US senator).
    Does LeBron remember that he once tweeted: “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere?”

  9. Spot on – Again! Historians tell of Benjamin Franklin emerging from Independence Hall having just signed the Constitution in 1787 when he was greeted by a woman who asked, “what did you give us, a Republic or a Monarchy?” Franklin’s reply, which is more true today than it’s ever been was, “A Republic madam, if you can keep it.” He was keenly aware that this experiment that had never been accomplished in the history of the world, was critically dependent on the ability to self govern through a virtuous society – the kind Mama Lovie Kennedy worked tirelessly to instill in her children and their children. Sadly, the woke mob has it in its cross-hairs. Keep fighting Jason!

  10. Hey Jason,
    Terrific and thoughtful as always. You have a great way of taking your thesis and weaving it throughout your essay…coming full circle. I feel like I’m listening in to a conversation you’re having, rather than you’re announcing your thoughts, if that makes any sense.
    What happened to the classically trained journalist/reporter? The internet and social media happened, just as you say. But I’m sure your skills will never be diminished and this transitory phase of insanity will eventually give way to reason.

  11. I signed up for VIP membership yesterday, for a number of reasons. Mainly because I felt like I need to support sights like this or there will be no voices of reason in sports journalism. After Clay and Jasons’ last two articles I feel like I got my 99 dollars worth already. Well done.


  12. This is why I paid my hard earned money to become a VIP and why I haven’t for the Athletic! Jason, as someone who grew up in Indy, and now lives in KC, I feel like I’ve heard you for years, and have always appreciated your point of view. But in the world we live in today, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you and Clay! Keep up the great work, fellas!!

  13. Just signed up today — well worth the investment, based solely on the fact that Outkick really is the only place in the media-sphere where one can come for rational, fair-minded, truthfully heretical commentary at the intersection of sports, politics and culture. Clay and now Jason (fantastic hire) have tapped into the swelling demand for reasonable and intelligent discourse free from the Woke Hive Mind and its screeching enforcers. As the mini-Maoists continue to expand their influence, Outkick’s island of sanity is going to become an increasingly appealing destination for millions fed up with the madness.

    Above, Jason makes the point that journalists should not be political partisans. At any other time, that would be a blindingly obvious, “Well, duh.” observation. Not any more. We are now through the looking glass, and I think it’s fair to say that so-called journalists — there remain honorable exceptions, but they are an ever-dwindling minority — have completely rejected the concept of objective, neutral reporting. How anachronistic! After all, where’s the fun and the blue checks in that? Heck, Dean Baquet at the NYT proudly announced that his paper would be the tip of the spear for the Resistance. All others have eagerly followed suit.

    Woj’s hilariously infantile and Pavlovian F-bomb to a U.S. Senator who had the temerity to ask vexing questions from the Wrong Side of History of his noble liege, Adam Silver, while an unimaginable response from an actual journalist, is exactly what one should expect from a propagandist who is nothing more than an ideologue with a byline. His role is not to cover the NBA. His role is to cover FOR the NBA, as a member of the palace guard. His boiler plate apology notwithstanding, Woj is unashamed of his (highly profitable) status as virtuous defender of the Peoples Global Basketburo.

    A few months ago, Clay conducted a revealing interview with Peter King, of Monday Morning Smugness fame, and a harrumphing, Covid nanny. The interview was an embarrassing debacle for King (not that he realized it), because it demonstrated that despite his appeals to “Science” — he knew nothing about the actual facts or data. His moral indignation — because Clay had questioned the narrative — was based on pure emotionalism and self-regard. After all: everybody Peter King knows, and he knows lots of important people, agrees with him. Woj, King, LeBron, pick your activist journo, athlete, celebrity du jour — never interact with anyone who disagrees with them. Who has command of facts which refute the received wisdom. Who are intellectually … diverse. When they do confront such “unsafe” people with their dangerous, unapproved ideas, they are immediately reduced to spluttering ad hominems. Like: “Eff You.” Both pithy and so, so brave. When is the Woj statue going up in the ESPN China Cultural Appreciation Rotunda? (They’ll have to post a special sign warning the vandals not to tear down the Oppressor Bespectacled White Man. His woke-bombs are for the children.)

    Keep bringing the daily antidote to the crazy. It is desperately needed.

  14. Thank you again, Jason and Clay.

    Like so many here, I’m paying my hard-earned money to support something that is bigger and more important than me.

    It feels good to hear the things that we think but can’t say. It is ridiculous that it is risky to support the United States, Hong Kong, and freedom of speech at work.

    They wave US flags in Hong Kong as a symbol of freedom but here you are suspect if you wave the US flag. I’m stuck in a parallel universe.

  15. As someone who isn’t a Trump supporter, these words just hit me hard! Whit always enlightening.

    “Under the pretense of resisting the Trump presidency, journalists joined the mob and dropped their ethics. We became everything we accuse the president of being. Rude, emotional, arrogant, irrational, dishonest, vain, racist, elitist and obsessed with our social media feeds.” ~ Jason Whitlock

  16. Jason Thank you standing up for Christianity and our Constitution right of freedom of religion . To just ask a question on the NBA and China. To be met with a Fuck You by the lead reporter for ESPN on the NBA. Just shows how big of a hold Chinese Gov. has over the NBA. WOJ’S is a Fraud just like Florio( FTA) are too scared too speak the truth .They worried about tweets retweets like and blue checks . THERE huge group of so called journalist will to destroy America journalistic stand to get rid of Trump its truly Amazing.

  17. Great work Jason! Once again you are calling out the people that do the most yapping and don’t actually have a conversation about the issues. FreeHongKong!

  18. Excellent article. You mention your past of writing about strip clubs and how you’ve changed over the years. This is exactly the point of Christianity, the redemptive power of faith in Jesus. It is also the main difference between true faith in Jesus and the Twitter mob. The Twitter mob practices a strict faith without chance of redemption. Stray but a little from the woke orthodoxy and ye will be canceled.

    I also like your articulation of the twin pillars of American society, although I’ve phrased it a little differently. For me the twin pillars are Judeo-Christian ethics and Enlightenment values of free inquiry, which includes honest journalism. A search for truth with a belief in redemption for all is the way forward.

  19. Did you listen to Cowherd’s Saturday Morning podcast with Nick Wright? The topic was the hypocrisy of the NBA’s relationship with China. I would love to listen to a virtual fireside chat with you, Jason, Colin, and Nick on this subject.

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