Jessie James Decker Fires Back At Trolls Who Accused Her Of Photoshopping Abs On Her Children

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Did Jessie James Decker use an app to photoshop abs onto her children? That’s the accusation being leveled by Internet observers who clearly aren’t used to seeing children who haven’t been pumped full of processed sugars.

Decker, who is married to shredded former NFL wide receiver Eric Decker, spent her weekend defending against Internet trolls who couldn’t get it through their thick skulls that children can have eight-pack chests.

The kids and their abs:

“Surely this is an app, but I don’t see anyone saying as much,” one troll wrote to the pop singer about the kids’ and their abs.

Wrong move, troll.

“Yeah, I used an ‘ab’ app on my small children wtf,” Decker fired back.

It’s like people have never heard of Richard Sandrak, who was known in pop culture circles as Little Hercules, the kid who had like a 30-pack of abs at eight years old.

Sandrak is now 30 and is no longer a bodybuilder with shredded abs.

In 2016, Dash Meager became an internet sensation because he was three-year-old and had abs.

Jessie James Decker’s kids have great genes

Let’s stop and think about the Decker kids and the life they’re living. They eat the best fruits. They eat the best vegetables. They probably eat the best meats money can buy. Their dad has been shredded for years and understands how to stay shredded.

Mom is 34 and shredded.

These kids aren’t sitting around pounding Halloween candy and playing eight-hours straight of Roblox. These kids are on beaches drinking cucumber water and eating the cleanest foods known to mankind.

Jessie wasn’t finished battling the disbelievers.

“That doesn’t look right … Sorry, not sorry,” a troll commented, but the mama bear came right back with, “It’s a sad world we live in today when having healthy fit kids who are super active, play sports [and] build muscle naturally is ‘weird.’”

“From one mother to another. Please don’t call my children’s appearance strange just because they don’t look the way you think they should? It’s unkind,” Jessie James told another troll.

And there you have it. Jessie James Decker doesn’t photoshop abs on her kids.  

Written by Joe Kinsey

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