Jessica Simpson Starts Internet War By Modeling Kardashian Bikini

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Jessica Simpson committed the ultimate sin in the internet’s eyes Wednesday by modeling a neon green bikini sewn together with Kardashian fingers.

It was her Scarlett K moment, if you will.

One week after being accused of doctoring a picture of herself, the 42-year-old Simpson was back to stirring the internet pot this week.

Who knew wearing a neon green bikini made by SKIMS Swim — the line launched by Kim Kardashian herself — would be so controversial.

Apparently, Jessica Simpson didn’t … or did, depending on her motive.

Jessica Simpson angers fans with Kardashian bikini.

Jessica Simpson and Kim Kardashian stir the internet bikini pot

The comment section is an absolute war zone here. The hardcore Jessica Simpson fans don’t want their famous singer to be associated with Kardashian in any way, shape or form, and they ain’t shy about it.

“I love you Jessica but I can’t support Skims or The Kardashians,” one fan said.

“I love and adore you but I would never support the Kardashians ever,” another chimed in.

And how about this one?

“Day 9 of saying: Sorry, this isn’t Jessica Simpson.”

That one obviously harkens back to last week’s drama with the 1990s/early-2000s heartthrob in which people were convinced Jess manufactured this Instagram heater:

OutKick’s Joe Kinsey broke it down like Watergate. I’d encourage everyone to analyze Joe’s film for themselves, but here’s a snippet:

The AI comment piqued my interest because we’re on the cusp of people replacing “that looks so photoshopped,” with “that looks like it’s AI.” I’m not going to sit here and lose sleep if some woman in her early 40s is using some sort of program to edit her face to turn back time. It doesn’t affect my life one way or the other.

But we’re 100% heading towards a period where people are going to question what they’re seeing and whether it was computer generated or if Jessica Simpson is presenting a real face and real makeup.

Anyway, who knew Jessica Simpson was capable of this much drama in 2023? Great for the #content machine at OutKick, though, so I ain’t complaining.

Your move, Kim.

Written by Zach Dean

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