Jessica Biel Celebrates 21st Anniversary Of ‘Summer Catch’ With A Throwback Look At Her Bikini ‘Stunt’ Work

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The 2001 romantic comedy/baseball movie Summer Catch turned 21 this week. To help celebrate that fact one of the movie’s stars shared a throwback look at one of the scenes from the movie.

Actress Jessica Biel took to Instagram on Wednesday to share some of her bikini “stunt” work from the film she captioned the clip, “I did my own stunts. Happy movie-versary to Summer Catch!!”

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If you’re not familiar with the movie don’t feel bad. I’ve never seen the entire thing all the way through. I’ve only caught bits and pieces of it, probably when the MLB Network shows movies.

The movie stars Freddie Prinze Jr. and Matthew Lillard alongside Biel. It’s described by IMDB as, “A rich girl whose family summers on Cape Cod has a romance with a local poor boy who hopes to become a major league baseball player.”

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The worst part of not seeing the movie all the way through, although I’m not sure the scene airs on the MLB Network, is that I had no idea that the clip Biel shared even existed. That’s a shame too, it’s an all-time scene.

Enough talking about it, let’s take a look at Biel’s incredible clip from the classic movie.

They don’t make them like this anymore

That’s quite the scene. Not only does it contain some mighty fine bikini stunt work by Biel, the scene also features one of Prinze Jr’s best acting performances.

I don’t know how he was able to play the role of the distracted guy on a lawnmower, but he pulled it off near flawlessly.

The clip also serves as a good reminder of how movies used to be made. It was a much happier time when movies included scenes like this, a time we should do everything in our power to return to.

Written by Sean Joseph

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