Exclusive: Jesse Kelly Signs Contract Extension with The First TV

Jesse Kelly has re-signed with The First TV on a new multi-year extension, OutKick has learned. 

Kelly is one of the breakout news media personalities of 2021. Known for his animated tweets aimed at the “system,” Kelly joined Premiere Networks in June as the host of the 6-9 pm radio show, following Sean Hannity. 

Viewers and listeners connect with Jesse Kelly. He’s one of them — he speaks with them, not down to them. Kelly didn’t come from the Ivy League or some fancy newspaper. His background includes a few community college credits and selling RVs. Kelly is an everyday American talking to other Americans about everyday issues. Somehow, that’s rare to find in media.

Kelly’s new contract keeps The First as his exclusive TV partner. Kelly hosts I’m Right with Jesse Kelly at 9 pm ET. The First is a 24/7 free linear streaming news service airing on TheFirstTV.com, YouTube, Pluto TV, and other free streaming apps and platforms like Roku. Between live and on-demand viewing, viewership of The First has grown over 400% since its launch in October 2019.

The First has quietly established a lineup of well-known conservative and independent hosts. The network’s weekday lineup is as follows:

11 am to 12 pm: True Story with Mike Slater

12-3 pm: The Dana Loesch Show

6-7 pm: No Apologies with Dana Loesch

7-8 pm: Hold the Line with Buck Sexton

8-9 pm: No Spin News with Bill O’Reilly

9-10 pm: I’m Right with Jesse Kelly

The First should be a destination for other talents in the news media space moving forward, whether in exclusivity or a simulcast.

Jesse Kelly spoke to OutKick in May, one of our most entertaining and open discussions to date.

“We incentivize victimhood in this country,” Kelly told OutKick. “People act like we’re some oppressive society because there’s nothing more valuable than doing that for your brand.

“We now have a birth rate of 1.67, which means the death of the nation. You have to have a birth rate above 2.0 to have your nation continue. That’s what these nutjobs have done.”

Oh, but don’t ask Jesse Kelly if he’s rich now with these new contracts. You shouldn’t pressure people into talking about that stuff…

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