Jerry Sandusky Charged with Sexually Molesting Victims Nine and Ten; Posts Bail Again

Just when you think the Jerry Sandusky mess at Penn State can’t get any worse, it does. Today Sandusky was arrested and charged with sexual assault because two additional victims have come forward. Once more the details are incredibly troubling. Here’s the link to the grand jury’s presentment of facts. One of the two victims, victim 9, was molested after Mike McQueary allegedly witnessed the sexual assault of another boy in the Penn State locker room. Yes, if McQueary or anyone at Penn State had publicly challenged Sandusky victim nine would have never existed.

Both of these children describe an initial “grooming” period during which trips to Penn State football games figured prominently in the gradual escalation of Sandusky’s advances. Most alarmingly, victim nine describes screaming for help from Sandusky’s wife while he was being molested. Where did this molestation occur? On overnight stays in Sandusky’s basement.

Victim ten says the abuse finally stopped after he refused to perform oral sex on Sandusky in the car.

Amazingly, despite ten victims having now come forward and alleged graphic child sexual abuse, Sandusky’s bail is still only $250,000. (There are some reports that he’s struggling to come up with cash. Let’s hope so. But if he owns a house in State College, he can probably come up with $250,000).

Yes, Jerry Sandusky is once more free on bail if he can come up with $250,000.

Raising the question: How the hell is Sandusky allowed to post bail at this point?

If there are ten children who have come forward alleging sexual abuse, there are probably scores more still attempting to overcome what Sandusky did to them. Yet the state of Pennsylvania continues to allow Sandusky to post bail? Why? Haven’t the statements of ten victims made it clear that he’s a clear and present danger to other children?

Sandusky still has the right to a trial, but he’s lost the right to his freedom while he awaits that trial.

His crimes are so barbaric and his victims are so innocent that anything other than immediate incarceration while he awaits trial continues to make it look like Sandusky is receiving preferential treatment.  

For decades Sandusky’s reign of terror on youth was unchallenged. Astoundingly, Sandusky’s freedom of movement in the community he terrorized remains virtually unchecked if he can come up with $250,000. (Which, again, I think he’ll be able to come up with shortly.)

It’s long past time for Jerry Sandusky’s life outside prison walls to end.

If you have any doubts about Sandusky’s freedom, just read the latest grand jury presentment.

He needs to be in jail with an unaffordable bail.


Written by Clay Travis

OutKick founder, host and author. He's presently banned from appearing on both CNN and ESPN because he’s too honest for both.