Jerry Rice Could Be Back On The Sidelines — As A Coach

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Aside from a brief stint as teammates who won the Super Bowl together in 1994, Hall of Famers Deion Sanders and Jerry Rice spent the ’90s playing across the field from one another. Decades later, they could once again find themselves sharing a football field, though under much different circumstances.

Rice recently teased the idea that he’s considering entering the coaching world. Deion’s already there, as head coach of Jackson State, and Sanders’ success is part of the reason Rice may decide to don a headset and script plays.

“(Coaching) started to cross my mind just a little bit, now,” Rice told Kyle T. Mosley of

Now at 59 years old, Rice, the most decorated receiver in NFL history, seems somewhat interested in taking on coaching responsibilities.

Has he always thought about coaching?

“Not until Deion [Sanders], with Jackson State. Because I felt like I played the game for such a long time. And I was so totally committed. And I just poured everything into my career, that I didn’t have anything left,” Rice shared with Mosley. “Because, as a coach, you really don’t have a life. I mean, coaching. It is hard, man, it takes up the majority of your time. But yeah, it takes a total commitment. And you got to be all in.”

More often than not, Sanders was tasked with following Rice around the football field. Now, it’s Rice who should follow Deion’s lead. Sanders is 15-5 over two seasons with Jackson State and recently landed the nation’s top recruit, Travis Hunter.

It may take more than a minute for Rice to cook up that kind of success, but a new era of Rice/Sanders sounds just delicious.


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Written by Anthony Farris

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