Jermaine Burton Extended Video From Tennessee-Alabama Postgame Is Back

Alabama wide receiver Jermaine Burton getting pushed and hit in an extended video moments before he slapped a woman in the back of the head after the Tennessee game on Oct. 15 appeared on YouTube on Thursday night.

Then it mysteriously disappeared Friday morning along with other videos of the postgame chaos after Tennessee’s thrilling 52-49 victory on a field goal as time expired.

And now it’s back:

Jermaine Burton video from Alabama-Tennessee postgame

The video shows Burton apparently getting pushed or chest-bumped — but not like from a teammate — amid four male Tennessee fans who walk right up to him. After they pass by into the crowd of orange-clad humanity, another fan bumps Burton from his left.

Burton then appears to strike a few fans and get in the way of others. As he continues to walk off the field toward the Alabama dressing room, he hits the back of a woman’s head after she passed him without making contact.

That last part of the video was what got the Burton postgame saga started in an OutKick story on Oct. 18. Alabama coach Nick Saban criticized Burton’s actions, but did not suspend the wide receiver, who started the Crimson Tide’s next game against Mississippi State. Saban said, “If you knew the whole story, maybe you wouldn’t either. But I’m not going to divulge that.”

Screenshot of the Jermaine Burton video where he contacts the female Tennessee fan following Alabama’s loss.

Saban was roundly criticized for not suspending Burton.


This video may be the rest of the story Saban was talking about, or at least part of it.

Man Who Filmed Jermaine Burton Video Speaks to OutKick

“I still think Burton should have been suspended by coach Saban,” said Brandon Currey, a 2001 Alabama graduate and Crimson Tide fan, to OutKick on Friday afternoon.

“What Jermaine did was wrong. He shouldn’t have hit the girl, but this video gives some context as to what was going on before that,” Currey said in a phone interview. “Jermaine was hit himself a few times. That doesn’t excuse him for his actions, but you can see him getting roughed up a bit. Still, coach Saban should have still suspended him, if only for the optics.”

Currey, 42, attended the game with his son. He filmed the 40-yard, game-winning field goal by Tennessee’s Chase McGrath. Then he made a separate film of the postgame chaos. He shared the videos with friends and family on his google drive.

“Somebody in my family or a friend, I don’t know who, put the video on YouTube a few days ago,” Currey said. “And it kind of exploded. I decided to take it down today (Friday) because I noticed a couple of people had taken my video and posted it as theirs. I didn’t know if they were trying to make money off of it or what. I didn’t like the fact that someone else was posting what was not theirs.”

Asked if he would try to sell the video, Currey said, “I really hadn’t thought about it. Who would buy that? I don’t think it’s that big of a deal.”

Written by Glenn Guilbeau

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