Jeremy Renner’s Physician Reveals The Insane Pain Actor Endured After Plowing Accident

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Jeremy Renner was in a shocking amount of pain after nearly dying in a plowing accident.

The famous Hollywood star was nearly killed at the start of 2023 in a plowing accident that happened when he attempted to protect his nephew.

Renner suffered more than 30 broken bones, serious trauma to several parts of his body and he’s incredibly lucky to be alive.

He recently revealed during an interview with Diane Sawyer he didn’t expect to make it and was even writing final messages at one point in time. Fortunately, he’s turned a corner and his physician Christopher Vincent has pulled back the curtain on the pain the “Mayor of Kingstown” star went through following the accident.

Jeremy Renner’s physician reveals the incredible pain the actor experienced. (Photo by Kayla Oaddams/WireImage)

Jeremy Renner has been through hell.

“I mean, it’s bad enough with one of those traumas. The fracture through his tibia was so severe that that alone … mentally you can’t deal with that much pain. When you’ve got 30 of those, your body is just sending pain signals to your brain from every part of your body. You can’t override them. You’re mentally just trying to quiet them down. It’s happening 24 hours a day, so it’s not like he gets a reprieve when he’s sleeping. It doesn’t sleep, so it’s affecting your sleep, and that lack of sleep is affecting your recovery,” Vincent explained to PEOPLE.

While Renner might have been in a mind-boggling amount of pain, he also showed off a level of toughness and resilience that impressed his physician.

Jeremy Renner is lucky to be alive after a plowing accident. (Photo by Anna Webber/Getty Images for Disney+)

“He’s an extremely unique and rare person. I’ve worked with hundreds and thousands of athletes, celebrities, regular people, and it’s really a special personality that has that drive and determination,” Vincent told the outlet.

He also believes the star actor will “get through it to where you are back stronger than you were before the accident.”

Renner is trending up.

While Renner nearly died back in January, there’s no question he’s made incredible progress. He recently did a lengthy interview with Diane Sawyer about the entire situation, and he was in shockingly high spirits.

At one point of the accident, his eye popped out. Now, he’s already rehabbing and doing interviews. That’s a hell of a recovery in just a few months.

Everyone involved with his recovery definitely deserves to be applauded. He’s been through a lot but is working towards getting through the situation he’s found himself in.

Jeremy Renner broke more than 30 bones in a plowing accident. (Photo by Anna Webber/Getty Images for Disney+)

Hopefully, Jeremy Renner continues to rebound in a huge way. He’s one of the best actors in Hollywood, and by all accounts, a great guy. It will be awesome to see him eventually return.

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