Jeremy Lin Fined For ‘Inappropriate’ Quarantine Comments – That Weren’t At All Inappropriate – Amid Zero COVID Protests In China

Protestors are taking to the streets of China to stand up against the ridiculous ‘zero COVID’ strategy. The ruling communist party is trying to silence its critics in any way that it can, which apparently includes fining professional basketball player Jeremy Lin for ‘inappropriate’ quarantine comments.

Lin, who plays in the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA), was fined $1,400 for his comments that, to no surprise, were completely tame and not inappropriate at all.


The former NBA player didn’t mention anything about the ‘zero COVID’ strategy, protests, or even the country of China itself. He simply criticized a hotel weight room and is out $1,400 for doing so.

“Can you believe this is a weight room?” Lin said, according to The Paper in Shanghai. “What kind of garbage is this?” The Paper explained that the video was deleted after “the situation was clarified” that the hotel was only for a brief stay required by quarantine regulations.

If being critical of a weight room results in a four-figure fine, what exactly is the punishment for criticizing something that actually matters?

Protestors in China are criticizing the country’s ‘zero COVID’ strategy. (Photo by Abhishek Chinnappa/Getty Images)

Jeremy Lin Fined For Talking About A Weight Room

The next time you see a woke reporter or news outlet write about how ‘China isn’t that bad’ just reply with this story about a beloved basketball player getting hit with a fine for talking trash about weights in a hotel.

The CBA and the communist party trying to make an example out of Lin comes as many people have been forced to stay inside their homes for over three months. Protests grew around China after 10 people were recently killed in a fire while inside a building that was under lockdown. The building of people was reportedly classified as low risk for the virus.

Protestors have been calling for the resignation of President Xi Jinping as his government is still implementing the ‘zero COVID’ strategy following the deadly fire.

Written by Mark Harris

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