UFO Expert Suggests Data Is Being Hidden About Shocking New Footage

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UFO expert and researcher Jeremy Corbell believes information might be being concealed about a stunning video that recently surfaced.

Corbell released a video that appears to show an absolutely massive UFO in the sky over a military base in California back in April 2021.

While it’s definitely not proof of aliens, it’s arguably the most fascinating UFO video the public has ever seen, and in Corbell’s mind, there’s little doubt information is being hidden.

“It was actually over the military base. That’s why there’s got to be a whole bunch of data that’s not being released and not being properly reported,” Corbell said during a Wednesday interview with TMZ when discussing the insane footage.

He also noted the lights in the sky weren’t flares because you can clearly see the body of the craft. You can watch his full comments below.

Stunning UFO footage captivates the country.

I stand by that the footage and images released by Corbell is the most fascinating UFO footage we’ve ever seen. It’s nothing short of shocking and stunning.

The “tic tac” video is probably now second. Whatever was up in the sky over Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Twentynine Palms at Camp Wilson in California was massive.

Now, as I always have to say, there’s no proof of little green men flying around, even if a Stanford professor has already guaranteed aliens are here.

Are aliens real? (Credit: Getty Images)

What could it have been? If you look at the shape of the object and the area of the country it was spotted in by roughly 50 people, I think there’s a good chance it’s classified American technology.

In fact, I previously speculated it was a B-21 on a test flight. Do I have any concrete proof? No, but just going off the shape and what we know about the B-21, it seems likely.

You can get a front look at the B-21 below.

Was a B-21 mistaken for a UFO? (Photo by FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP via Getty Images)

To Corbell’s point, the thing flew right over a military base. American military bases have great security. It seems unlikely somebody doesn’t have more answers. However, if someone does, they’re clearly not interested in opening up about it. That means it remains a mystery for the time being!

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