‘Jeopardy!’ Contestants Left Puzzled By Easy Sports Question

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Nerd alert! On Wednesday, a trio of Jeopardy! contestants were handed a no-brainer sports question that left them literally speechless.

In the category of “Multi-Sport Athletes,” the contestants were thrown a softball clue:

“A few career highlights: he won the Heisman at Auburn, ran for 221 yards in one game for the Raiders, & and was an A.L. All-Star.”

It would be nearly impossible to get any more specific. But alas, all three contestants were caught looking and never even took the bat off their shoulders.

The answer, of course, is “Who is Bo Jackson?”


Some of you have never played Tecmo Bowl and it shows.

Jackie, Candace and Joey left $800 on the table without even uttering a guess. One would think even a novice sports fan would have some recollection of Bo Jackson. Aside from his multi-sport stardom and numerous accolades, Nike had an entire “Bo Knows” campaign.

And don’t even tell me that these contestants — all of whom appear to have been around in the ’90s — never spent at least a few Saturday mornings watching the ProStars cartoon featuring Bo, Michael Jordan and Wayne Gretzky.

If not, that is the very definition of oppression!

Hell, everyone knows the “Multi-Sport Athletes” category is going to offer a clue about Bo or Deion Sanders. So if you guess one of them, you have a 50/50 shot of getting it right.

I’ll take “Nerds Don’t Know Bo” for $1,000.

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Written by Anthony Farris

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