Jeopardy! Contestant Stumped By Pac-12 Question

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No need to check your smoke alarms.

Those sirens you heard were nerd alerts blaring throughout the nation after a Jeopardy! contestant uttered a baffling-bad wrong answer to a question most sports fans would consider to be elementary.

Earlier this week, Jeopardy! participant, Justin, chose a $600 question out of the  “Knowledge about college,” category. His selection was part of the show’s “Daily Double,” eliciting short-lived enthusiasm from Justin, who would soon be forced to turn in his man card.

In the old episode featuring beloved late host Alex Trebek, Justin was given the following clue: “It’s the only Pac-12 school that does not contain the name of the state.”

Justin’s cringe-worthy response… “What is Auburn.”


Of course the correct answer was Stanford.

And though Auburn does not include the name of the state in which the school plays, even the most novice of sports fans could likely tell you that they handle their business in the SEC.

Justin’s response had sports fans shaking their head in combined disgust and disbelief.

OutKick’s founder, Clay Travis, had a simple and direct response upon witnessing the Jeopardy! blunder: “He should have been kicked off the stage immediately after this answer,” tweeted Clay.

But we shouldn’t be all that surprised. Time has taught us that Jeopardy! contestants and sports go together like lamb and tuna fish.

Earlier this year a contestant failed to properly name Bo Jackson – coincidentally, of Auburn – as the correct answer after a question was asked from the “Multi-Sport Athletes,” category.

Better luck next time, nerd.


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Written by Anthony Farris

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