Jennifer Garner – One Of The Original GOATs – Returning To TV In Conspiracy Thriller

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Jennifer Garner will be back on TVs across the country in “The Last Thing He Told Me.”

Garner blew up on the scene as Sydney Bristow in Alias more than two decades ago. At the peak of her career, she was maybe the most popular actress in the game. Since then, she’s dabbled in a little TV and done other films, but she’s never been able to make a splash like “Alias.”

Well, it looks like there’s a ton of potential for her to make some noise with the Apple TV+ saga.

Jennifer Garner returning to TV with “The Last Thing He Told Me.” The series will air on Apple TV+. (Credit: Apple TV)

The plot of the upcoming show, which is based on a popular book, is, “This gripping limited series follows Hannah, a woman who must forge a relationship with her 16-year-old stepdaughter Bailey in order to find the truth about why her husband has mysteriously disappeared.”

The preview makes it clear all bets are off as Garner, once again, stars in a show full of sinister conspiracies.

Jennifer Garner is an original GOAT.

It’s probably hard for anyone reading this under the age of 30 to understand just how famous Jennifer Garner was back in the day.

She played a young CIA agent deep undercover in the intelligence thriller, which premiered just a few weeks after 9/11. America had become fascinated with the intelligence community, terrorism, spies, war and everything in between.

Jennifer Garner blew up into a huge star, and dominated TV for five seasons. “Alias” at its peak was the best show on regular broadcast TV and put up gigantic numbers. As the face of the series, she received most of the attention and glory.

Now, Garner. is slated to be in another huge series that, while different, will play off similar vibes. “Alias” at its core was a conspiracy thriller.

It looks like the same is true for “The Last Thing He Told Me.” Her character’s husband has disappeared, she’s received a mysterious message and there’s a young girl in the mix.

We’ve seen this thriller template work many times before. “Under the Banner of Heaven” is a great example of a series with a similar tone, although that’s a true story.

Either way, if Garner, who was once married to Ben Affleck, can tap back into the same magic that made her a star on “Alias” it might be worth watching.

Jennifer Garner will star in “The Last Thing He Told Me” starting April 14. (Credit: Apple TV+)

You can catch “The Last Thing He Told Me” with Jennifer Garner starting April 14. As an “Alias” fan since back in 2001, I’ll definitely be checking it out.

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