Jenna Berman Celebrates Winter In Florida, Jags Fan Discovers Jaguars Cheeto & Buy Pieces Of Presidential Hair

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The Divisional round is here, it’s supposed to snow and we’re about to get 16 hours of must-see TV…I cannot wait!

Guys, I hope the adrenaline is running through your veins this morning as we all head off to work to put in a solid 6-7 hours of hard work before we shut it down for one of my favorite weekends of the sports year. It’s not a top-five sports weekend, but it’s easily in the top 10.

We’re talking about 16 solid hours of NFL action from the couch, recliner, barstool, at the bar, in the basement, in a neighbor’s garage, etc. That should make the hair on your arms stand at attention. You’re gambling on your phone. Emotions are at all-time highs. Your wife might even get into the spirit and wear your team colors. The kids are fired up. The dog understands how big of a weekend.

Guys, this is why we put in all the offseason hours. This is why we bust our asses accomplishing our garage goals, patio goals, basement goals. It’s for THIS Saturday and Sunday.

Make it count.

Spend a little more for the food. Buy a keg you’ve had your eyes on. Buy helium balloons for the basement. Trust me, buy the balloons. The wife will see your soft, playful side and your kids will love it. Go to Party City and blow a few bucks on FUN.

Now, you’re probably thinking this is the type of behavior reserved for Super Bowl Sunday. Guys, it’s time to evolve as a stay-at-home sports fan.

Be a real man and turn the NFL playoffs into a three-weekend bender to celebrate the sport we love and miss so much when it’s gone.

Odds & ends heading into the divisional round

• Let’s take a look at homefield advantage BEFORE 2022. The home team went 31-9 over a decade and then the 2022 playoffs happened. The Chiefs were the only home team to survive the divisional round.

• OK, so you’re telling me there’s a chance for road teams, including MY Bengals? The Chiefs, Eagles, Bills, and 49ers are a combined 30-4 at home this year. The Eagles were 7-2 at home, but Jalen Hurts didn’t play in the Jan. 1 loss to the Saints. In other words, it’s going to be tough sledding for the roadies.

• Look at the age of these quarterbacks. All eight starters are under 30 (2nd time in NFL history that has happened — 2004 was the other) and in the AFC, all QBs are under 28.

• For those who like to bet the futures, think about this one: For the 7th(!) consecutive season, we have two teams playing in the Divisional round who missed the postseason the year before. Stop and read that again.

• More for the gambling community: If you like to bet anytime touchdowns, KC’s Jerick McKinnon could be the play this weekend. He’s scored in six straight games and has nine receiving touchdowns out of the backfield. That ties Marshall Faulk (2001), Chuck Forman (1975) and Leroy Heard (1991) for receiving TDs by a running back in a season.

• And here’s a stat that the TV people are going to run down your throats Saturday. Trevor Lawrence is 41-0 on Saturdays since his sophomore year of high school. Lawrence, who has won the last two Saturdays, and the Jags play KC in the Saturday early game.

How to survive and maybe win a stadium fight this weekend

We have two HUGE road games this weekend in the NFC as Cowboys fans invade Levi’s Stadium and Giants fans take the train down to Philly. We’re talking about two powderkegs ready to explode, especially Giants-Eagles on a drunken Saturday night.

• First up, Screencaps reader Michael J.:

Having seen countless fights in the Wrigley Bleachers in my life.  There was one thing I saw that worked over and over again for those without the high ground.  As the person with the higher ground was swinging away.  The lower person would grab an arm and pull them down.  They’d lose their balance and come crashing down. Completely changing who would have the high ground. Just think about when you’ve helped somebody get off the floor. If they pull on you….. you’re going down. 

• Now let’s get some advice from an old high school classmate of mine, Brian Marvin, who is now a 3rd degree blackbelt and the brains behind Team Renzo Gracie Houston.

Brian writes:

My advice would be lateral movement with the intent to gain ground. Try to take as much of the tactical advantage away.

Let’s watch how Marvin would handle those stadium fights if they got to the ground at Lincoln Financial Field.

• Military guy John H. writes:

To Steve in Grand Junction:    If your opponent has the “high ground” in a stadium to would put his ole twig and berries about head high on you…… punch him there (uppercut) …. Repeatedly !!   Once he doubles over uppercut him again in the beak, it hurts like hell and will make his eyes water so he can’t see

If you’re fighting fair, you’re doing it wrong !!

2nd thing,  the hottest Instagram girl there is is Victoria Vesce  former NBA cheerleader, Monster girl, Brain tumor survivor, now a lawyer and model .  She needs a screen caps dedicated to her  lol  Think Sandra Bullock with a body.

‘Ass City’ was a big hit

Thank you to the readers — John in SD & Diesel come to mind off the top of my head — who appreciated the gymnastics photo sent in by Dan McM.

I DID NOT crop that photo and missed it until people started emailing me about it.

The Ts are on the move in France

After being based in Antibes, France for what felt like a week or two, Mike T. and Cindy T. have moved up the coast. A quick check of the weather shows that it’s in the low 50s with bright sun.

• Mike T. writes from Villefranche-sur-Mer, France:

That’s the patio life!

‘A variety of items’

• Britt T. is back and he has a few things on his mind from past Screencaps editions:

Thanks for what you do. I start my day with Outkick, and your column is last…save the best for last.  I LOVE the interactions from all over the country.  There is no website like yours, period.  I love the Screencaps community!

I have comments on a variety of subjects that have come up in the last week or so. I’m late to the game, but this whole work thing gets in the way.  (My good friend Mark Skeen said it best when he was in college – if I didn’t have these classes to deal with, I could accomplish everything I want to.)

Travel Ball.  

There is good travel ball and bad travel ball. My son played on a team that was comprised of dudes who played in Little League together. Yeah, we picked up a dude here or there from a local town that could play, but we were had a real team, not a bunch of mercenaries who come into a tournament to play…..with the coach asking something like “Do you pitch? Can you play the outfield?” I actually heard that at some tournaments.  We played both Spring and Fall and practiced a couple of times per week….played a double-header on Sundays and played about 4 tournaments per season (most local, within a couple of hours). Baseball is a tough deal, if you’re going to be a legit player, gotta get the coaching to do so. We were just a bunch of local folks with good coaches who showed the kids the right way.  My son would be the first to tell you that he was awful at 7 (fall season). Coach gave us some drills to work on the swing over the offseason, and we did it every night, no matter how cold in the garage. Shoot, he woke me up one night to go through those drills. Showed up in Spring and everyone wondering what we did over the winter – we did what Coach asked.  Long story short, he went from hitting 8th to hitting 1st, and his improvement was both his effort and the coaches’ teaching. He had offers to play on the mercenary teams, but always declined.  “I’ll stick with these guys who I’ve been playing with.” They also played Little League against each other. One of my favorite moments of his baseball life is when he was pitching against a team that had multiple travel team (teammates) guys on it…and they were coming up. He looked over at me, and all I could do was smile, as if to say “do your best, kiddo.”  He walked the first guy, drilled the second guy, and the third guy hit a rocket to the gap in left center.  There was a reason he did not pitch for his travel team. I guess my point is that there is good travel and bad travel…..and I experience good travel. Some of those parents are still my best good friends, and all of those kids played All-Stars together. 

What a Man Should Own.

I have my dream watch, an Omega Seamaster with an orange bezel. My buddies all got together and bought it for me for my 40th birthday.  I love it with all of my heart. Not a car guy, but I would like to one day buy a 5.0 convertible from roughly 1989…..5 speed.  But…..I agree with the gentleman who stated that every man should have a dog. I did not want a dog, but my wife talked me into it.  We got two little yappers (Schnauzers) a few years back. Shortly thereafter, I told a good friend who I coached hoops with that “I think my wife loves the dogs more than the rest of us.”  His response: “I fucking know I love my dogs more than I love my family.”  I’ve since come around. 11:40 in the east, and if I stayed up until 5:00 in the morning, they’d be right next to me. I love those little squirts so much. I’ll yield to the gentleman who said it originally.

Dads who Coach their Sons. 

I had a hard time differentiating being a loving Dad and my son’s coach in hoops. I did not coach him in baseball; I did in basketball…..and I was unmerciful.  I needed him to score 30 every game.  He had the stomach to handle it, but there were a lot, a lot of times that we got into the car to go home from practice that he said to me “Dad, too hard on me tonight.” 

My response?  “Well, if you’d get that shit right, I wouldn’t have to be.”  I was both right and wrong.  My Dad coached me hard, and I knew my son was cut out of the same “cloth,” as they say.  I was right to be hard on him to push him to get the max of his ability. Where I was very, very, very wrong, is to try and coach the entire team through him….if I got into his tail, I assumed that everyone else would get it and would understand that they were not pulling their weight. Nope. Worked in 5th grade. Not in Middle School travel hoops.  Coach them all the same, whether you are friends with their parents or not (I was).  If I had it to do over again, I’d do it differently. 

What happened to my all-time fav, Officer Devin? 

Thanks, Joe!  Roll Tide, War Eagle, Go Hokies, and Touchdown……Auburn!


Britt’s timing is impeccable. It turns out Officer Devin is getting married this weekend.

There you go, another full edition of Screencaps to get your Friday off to a strong start. Have some FUN this weekend. Enjoy the games and I’ll see most of you tomorrow morning as I get back into my Saturday Screencaps routine.

Have a great day.


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