Jena Sims Battling Trolls After Dropping Wedding Lingerie Pics

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Nobody gets more out their content than golf WAG Jena Sims does. She drops a little here and there from an event and even holds on for months to some it before giving her followers a different look.

Jena’s wedding to golfer Brooks Koepka is no different. The two married back in June and she’s still finding new ways to drop the content from their big day.

On Tuesday, she took to Instagram and shared several pictures of herself in her wedding day lingerie. She threw in a few of Brooks in his wedding day underwear and captioned the “wedding spam,” as she called it, “Who wore it better?”

As good as Brooks looks in his underwear, she’s the clear winner of the obvious “who wore it better?” joke. Jena’s attempt at humor while showing off in her lingerie apparently didn’t sit well with some.

Agitated trolls, of which there are many, came out of the woodwork to give her a hard time for the lighthearted and barely dressed pictures. Some of the best kind of content I’d like to point out.

As a result of the trolling, Jena has been on a “blocking spree” on Instagram. She even shared a few videos explaining some of the comments she was receiving. Including one from an unhappy real estate agent in Atlanta.

Jena Sims/Instagram Story
Jena Sims/Instagram Story

Trolls Will Literally Troll Anyone

“It’s so comical to me. These grown men who like have full kids that in school and have real jobs, like some Atlanta real estate guy just told me I was ugly,” she said in one of the videos.

“I’m like you have a job. Like why is little old me in Jupiter, Florida…why are you triggered by my looks? You’ve got houses to sell. Leave me alone. Like I’m just living my life.”

Jena is many things. She’s a model, a social media influencer, and a legendary actress for her appearances in films like Attack of the 50 Foot Cheerleader and 3-Headed Shark Attack, but she’s definitely not ugly.

Anyone saying that she is needs to be ignored because they’re just not living in the same reality the rest of us are.

Written by Sean Joseph

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