Jemele Hill Blames White People For Election Results

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There’s a long way to go before a winner is declared. No key state has been called, and most are not close. However, President Donald Trump is now the betting favorite

To no surprise, this makes people on Twitter very, very mad. At the front of the line is Jemele Hill. Per Hill, if Trump wins, there is only one group to blame. That’s right, you guessed it, those damn white people.

Clay Travis weighed in:

Much like the election, the media’s night is far from over. Hill could even be topped. Far-left hacks like Don Lemon, Joy Reid, Keith Olbermann, Bomani Jones, Elle Duncan, and Chris Cuomo could challenge her. 

Though, as history shows, Hill’s Twitter account is usually one of the worst in the country.

Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. Memo to Jemele: Jemele, we, Americans of all races, Americans who love are country, are not going to let you and your leftist elitist friends destroy our country. For months, we have watched you, the NBA, and all your MSESPN leftists friends promote violence. We have watched you and your leftists media friends edit videos, lie about police shootings (NBA’s Popovich and Stand Van Gundy Especially), and manipulate data. Your leftists friends have stood in front of burning cities while telling us the protests are “mostly peaceful”. We have watched you and your leftist friends promote resisting arrest so that ever more lives will be destroyed in violent cities. Jemele, your own lies and deceits are why you lost.

  2. Same white people that elected Obama twice. Tired argument from a person with zero talent. Every show she has been on has failed miserably. She is a bigger race baiter than Al Sharpton.

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