Jemele Hill Calls Kidnap Hoaxer A Victim Of Black Woman Racism

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Carlee Russell faked her own kidnapping in June. She pretended to disappear for 49 hours. When she suddenly returned, Russell filed a police report claiming she had been abducted. Russell, 25, has since admitted she had fabricated the story and was never abducted.

But the investigation garnered social media virality, leading authorities on an costly goose chase for an abductor who never existed.

For that, an Alabama lawmaker plans to introduce legislation that would make faking an abduction a felony. Russell has only been charged with two misdemeanors.

“This fictitious kidnapping caused fear and shock not only throughout the legislative district I represent but also throughout our state and nation,” Alabama state Sen. April Weaver, a Republican, said in a statement Monday.

“Individuals who concoct and carry out sham kidnappings and lead our law enforcement officers on wild goose chases must be given severe penalties for their deceptive actions,” she added.

Jemele Hill Jumps Into Carlee Russell Fray With Quite A Take

Carlee Russell is a black woman. Why is that important? It wasn’t until last week when former ESPN host Jemele Hill depicted Russell as a victim of racism. Black girl racism, that is.

“Alabama gonna Alabama every damn time,” Hill tweeted atop an article reporting on the legislation.

“She’s already been charged and will likely have to pay restitution,” Hill adds. “Zero problem with that. What I’m saying is, this lawmaker is being overzealous because the Black woman was at the center of this hoax. I promise you had she been a white woman, nobody would be introducing a law to strengthen the laws about lying to the cops.”

How does Hill know if Russell were a white woman that “nobody would be introducing a law”?

She doesn’t. Instead, she tried to strengthen her allegation by naming random white crimes that didn’t result in a new law.

“Where are the laws that strengthen lying to police when we have seen white women continually lie when they call the police on Black people for just existing in the spaces they don’t want us in?” Hill asks.

Uh, what?

“A white woman just lied in California about being kidnapped by two Latino people and it turns out she’d spent 3 weeks with an old boyfriend … where’s the new law?”

At least the second tweet refers to the topic at hand, faking a kidnapping. But using the white California females falls short. One could just easily cite a list of other black females who also faked their abduction that didn’t result in a change of legislation.

May we remind you of Karol Sanchez, a black woman who faked her own abduction in New York City?

One can debate whether faking an abduction should warrant a felony. Either way, if passed, the law would apply to white, black, Hispanic, and Asian people. The law would not disproportionately target black women.

As for why Russell’s case sparked the introduction of legislation — perhaps it was the virality of the case. Or Russell happened to be the straw that broke the camel’s back as hoaxes of such nature continue to occur. Or maybe she was the first hoaxer to fall under Sen. Weaver’s jurisdiction.

There are multiple reasons why, none of which point to the skin of Carlee Russell. Jemele Hill is race-baiting. She is pandering. She is lazy.

All Jemele Hill does here is censure the response to a clearly troubled, nasty black woman and says — without proof — the response would be lesser if Russell were a troubled, nasty white woman.

Hill could apply the same logic to any case. In fact, she has. She has made a career of doing so.

The game plan is tried and true: find a black person facing consequences for their actions and decry the degree of consequences as a product of racism.

Imagine if Jemele Hill had played the character she does now in the 1990s. She would have alleged O.J. Simpson deserved to be charged with only homicide, but that racist California charged him with first-degree murder to make an example out of his black behind.

Jemele Hill is what happens when a race hustler runs out of actual examples of racism to feign over. She is what happens when the demand for anti-black racism outstrips the supply.

The shortage of such racism forces Jemele to resort to desperate tweets defending a woman who faked her own abduction.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack is a writer for OutKick where he reports and analyzes the latest topics in media, culture, sports, and politics..

Burack has become a prominent voice in media and has been featured on several shows across OutKick and industry related podcasts and radio stations.


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