Jemele Hill Added Asian-Americans To Her Ever-Growing List Of ‘White Supremacists’

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As OutKick reported Sunday, Jemele Hill implied that an Asian-American woman — who was celebrating the ending of affirmative action since it disproportionately punished prospective Asian college students — was supporting white supremacy.

This, of course, is insane. The woman, who is the mother of an Asian-American daughter, is happy that her child now has a fair opportunity to get into an elite university.

But facts never stop Jemele Hill from playing the WS card. That being, obviously, the “white supremacy” card.

I knew, intuitively, that Hill is a fan of calling people white supremacists.

After all, the beginning of her downfall at ESPN started with her calling President Donald Trump a white supremacist.

Most people know about this infamous tweet.

But did you know the list of people and/or groups that Jemele Hill has called white supremacists is as large as it is? Indeed, it is.

Let’s dive in.

There is a massive list of people and groups that Jemele Hill has called (or implied) “white supremacists”

To no one’s surprise, Jemele Hill believes that the entire Republican Party engages in white supremacy.

Lest you think she only believes it’s Republicans, rest assured that she believes the entire country is just one big pot of white supremacy.

Technically, that tweet covers everyone. So we could just stop there. But it’s more fun to keep diving into just how often Hill likes to throw around “white supremacy” on Twitter.

Let’s make sure we note that Hill doesn’t just think current Americans are white supremacists. It’s everyone. Even those who fought World War II to bring down the Nazis — who were literal white supremacists — because they attempted to eradicate Jewish people from the planet.

Some of the more obvious groups have been targets of Hill’s white supremacy accusations. Obviously, the police.

And white people, of course.

More specifically, white women.

Also, gun owners.

White pastors and “white churches,” too.

Lest you believe that Hill reserves her claims only for America, fear not! The country of Greece is also a white supremacist.

So is Russia and the rest of planet Earth.

But then there are some very specific accusations of white supremacy.

There was a former Patriots draft pick who’s a white supremacist, according to Jemele Hill.

Democratic senator from West Virginia, Joe Manchin.

Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell.

South Carolina Senator Lindsay Graham.

Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Psychologist Jordan Peterson.

Fox News host Laura Ingraham.

Also, former Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

A video game character.

And the list doesn’t end there

OK, so that’s a lot to take in, obviously. None of it should surprise you at this point, if you know anything about Jemele Hill.

The list of different people and groups that Jemele Hill has labeled as white supremacists is incredibly long and grows almost daily.
The list of different people and groups that Jemele Hill has labeled as white supremacists is incredibly long and grows almost daily. (Photo by Momodu Mansaray/Getty Images for Cashmere Agency)

But she’s nothing if not sometimes full of surprises. And, believe it or not, she’s got a few surprises for you.

This article started with an accusation that Asians are white supremacists. But, so too are Hispanic people.

Ah, so “people of color” are also white supremacists. That’s an interesting one. But she drills down on another group of white supremacists: black people.

So, if you put the pieces together: Jemele Hill thinks every human being on the planet is a white supremacist.

Which means Jemele Hill must, deep down, believe that she herself is a white supremacist.

Now that’s a tweet that she should send out!

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  1. As I have stated before, there are way more anti White racists than the reverse. Jamele is as dumb and hateful as they come. No surprise there. The people who employ her are probably White sissy cowards who hate themselves because their parents never hugged them.

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