Jeff Bezos Fires Back At Biden’s Idea To Lower Inflation: Clay Travis

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Clay Travis highlighted that many are calling out President Joe Biden for his “economic failure,” including former Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos.

The OutKick founder gave credit to Bezos, who like many others, has called out Biden for his idea “of lowering inflation by increasing taxes, by rightly analyzing that if Joe Biden’s Build Back Better Plan had passed…inflation would be 20 percent,” according to Travis.

Watch Clay Travis’ full take here:

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  1. Oh heck let’s just print another couple trillion and hand it out for the fun of it! Isn’t that fiscal responsibility? Just like it happened last time during the 2008 automotive company bailouts, it all started under the watch of a Republican AGAIN with the CARES Act this time, embarrassingly enough. Now it sure looks like we’re about to pay the piper.

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