Jazz Fan Elle Johnson Just Might Get You Back Into Caring About The NBA Playoffs

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The Sultress of Salt Lake City, Elle Johnson, is officially pumping out flaming hot NBA playoff content as she has done for what feels like the majority of my Internet lifetime, and this time she’s all about firing up her hometown Utah Jazz in their series against the Clippers. Tuesday night, Elle fired up the Jazz base with a conventional shot on the front steps of her mountainside home where she has produced what feels like millions of shots in various poses.

The Internet veteran, who has shared many home renovation chats with me over the years, wrote, “Time to separate the men from the Clippers,” just before the Jazz tipped off in Game One of the Western Conference Semifinals.

Utah got off to a slow start and trailed by 13 at half before roaring back in the second half and grabbing a 1-0 series lead with a 112-109 victory.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Elle’s work, this isn’t some Instagram model jumping on the Jazz bandwagon. She’s been doing this stuff for years. The woman loves sports. She loves college football, March Madness, her country, the flag, guns, dogs, her Jazz, the Michigan Wolverines and much more.

I know it’s been a real struggle for many of you who used to watch the NBA, but the politics got to be so ridiculous that you stopped watching. Is it possible for Elle to bring you back in the fold with a Jazz content series? I’m not fully back, and I’m definitely not sitting down to watch four quarters of Jazz basketball. Now if Elle wants to talk vinyl plank and then catch the last five minutes of a Game 7, I’m in.



Written by Joe Kinsey

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