Jayson Tatum Made Sure Cameras Saw Him Wearing A Kevin Garnett Jacket Pregame, Then He Went Out And Scored…14 Points

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Jayson Tatum tried to channel the greatness of former Celtic Kevin Garnett ahead of Monday night’s Easter Conference Finals Game 7.

It did not work. Anything is possible… just not coming back from 3-0 in the conference finals.

Tatum walked into TD Garden rocking a jacket that paid homage to Garnett.

It sure looked like Tatum did his best to make sure the cameras got a good shot of his Garnett jacket. Almost seems like he was writing the script for when the Celtics pulled off a historic comeback against the Miami Heat.

Everyone would be like, “Wow, that was amazing and the jacket probably had something to do with it.” Then in the Finals, everyone in the crowd would be wearing their own Kevin Garnett jackets.

As you’re no doubt aware, that’s not what happened. The Heat beat the Celtics soundly, 103-84. As for Tatum, his performance in the make-or-break Game 7 was tanked almost immediately.

Tatum injured his ankle at the start of the game.

To his credit, Tatum went on to play 42 minutes, however, he was only good for 14 points. Other NBA players take note: that’s how you play through the pain with the season on the line. His old high school buddy, Florida Panthers star Matthew Tkachuk would be proud.

It was clear after the game that Tatum’s ankle was still in some pain after the game as he was seen hobbling away from his press conference.

Tatum will have plenty of time to get that ankle back in shape now that the offseason is upon him. As for the Miami Heat, they’re moving on to the NBA Finals where they’ll face the Denver Nuggets.

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