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Jay Glazer: Sean Payton Believes Taysom Hill Could Be The Franchise

Fox Sports NFL analyst Jay Glazer joined Clay on OutKick this morning to discuss all things NFL and why Sean Payton believes that Taysom Hill could be the future of the Saints.

Clay: “You started this off by talking about Taysom Hill and your time that you spent with the Saints. He had a really good performance. Sean Payton had to be ecstatic about it. What is the future for Taysom Hill? Drew Brees, 11 broken ribs, we don’t know how many more years he’s gonna be the guy in New Orleans. Do you believe that Taysom Hill is the future still of the quarterback position for the New Orleans Saints? Where do they go from here?”

Jay: “So, last year, early in the year when Drew first got hurt, and you know he went with Teddy. Back then Sean was like, ‘I’m telling you, Taysom Hill, that’s gonna be the franchise. I’m telling you, he can be a quarterback.’ And I’m like, ‘Seriously, dude?’ Now listen, unlike other people who will go, ‘Oh, come on.’ When I said it, I got killed for it. Why are we arguing with Sean Payton about who he thinks is the good quarterback? Right? That doesn’t make any sense. I’m not gonna argue with Sean Payton about who he thinks is a good quarterback. He knows way more than I do and way more than the rest of us. And then I kept saying — it was a funny thing. We had a running thing going on at Fox, and my guys over there were just killing me about it.

“And sure enough, you know, he goes in there with Taysom, but he has been convicted on it. Now, the other part is, he loves Jameis. Jameis came there, he loves him. Let’s say, Sean looks at it like he’s the quarterback whisperer, and he’d love to show the Western world that he was able to get Jameis to look like the first pick in the draft when everybody else couldn’t. So, there’s definitely ego involved there. And let me tell you this, he pared down the game plan with Taysom Hill. He pared it down. And you know, he didn’t have him do a lot of runs and RPOS and all that stuff. So, Sean Payton has been convicted that Taysom Hill can be a quarterback for a long time and this is not, ‘Oh, he just saw something recently.’ Conviction.”

Written by Michael Shamburger

Michael has 11+ years covering golf and college football. He's walked alongside Tiger, bleeds Purple and Gold, and is thankful for Joe Burrow! DBAP

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