Jay Cutler Bags An Elk, Mitchell Schwartz’s Pumpkin Spice Latte Pup & Jerry Jeudy’s First TD

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Well, it’s not going to be a slow Friday

October went ahead and started with a bang in the political world and things sure are heating up in sports with Adam Gase doing his best to get canned four games into the season. Did you realize that through four games, the Jets have two rushing touchdowns and one was a 46-yard run Thursday night? Gase is supposed to be an offensive genius. True, Le’Veon Bell has an injured hamstring, but you’d think the Jets could put together something on the ground. Frank Gore is the team’s leading rusher. Bless his heart, Frank’s 37 and out there giving it his all, but this isn’t a fair fight.

In political news, do your best to stay away from Facebook.

In Las Vegas news, Mark Davis plunked down $6 million on a place to call home now that he’s in Sin City for the rest of his life. I can’t stop thinking about what that city is going to be like when COVID leaves town and planes deliver fans Friday night for an ultimate bender weekend. I’ve done plenty of big football weekends, but a Vegas weekend with football in that city has been on my mind for a decade.

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