Whitlock Rips The NFL, Roger Goodell In Tucker Carlson Appearance

Monday night Outkick’s Jason Whitlock appeared on Tucker Carlson’s wildly popular cable news show. Carlson asked Whitlock about the NFL’s plan to play the “black national anthem” before playing the Star-Spangled Banner and the league’s embrace of Black Lives Matter.

Whitlock ripped NFL leadership for the boneheaded plan.

“I see a lack of leadership. A failure of men. This goes against every value that exemplifies America. The NFL has built itself on unity and there is no way you can do any research on the Black Lives Matter Movement and not see it’s a Marxist movement.”

Tucker asked Whitlock where is NFL commissioner Roger Goodell during this mess?

“Under his desk like a coward. Abandoning those in America that enriched him by doing nothing to back them up. A complete failure of leadership that has men and women falling in cowardice.”

Watch the full interview by hitting the link below.

Tucker Carlson Tonight is now the highest-rated cable news show ever. And is working among all age demographics.

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  1. Hey Jason, Clay, and OUTKICK,
    Terrific interview with Tucker! You described it so well, Jason…the paralysis of not only the NFL Commish, but the NFL owners as well, who you rightly describe as having gotten filthy rich from being in America. The mob came for Roger the Dodger and he bailed on the shield. “The Shield”…spoken of with such import, such respect not so long ago. Now it’s just a bad joke.
    Great stuff,

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