Jason Whitlock Talks NFL Ratings and Big Ten Football Returning With Laura Ingraham

Jason Whitlock stopped in Tuesday night to speak with Laura Ingraham on Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle” about the possible return of Big Ten football and declining NFL ratings.

Ingraham, who cited a Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel report that suggested the conference could return as early as Oct. 17, asked Whitlock for his thoughts on the looming resurrection of Big Ten football.

“I think it’s one of the most positive things we’ve seen in sports since COVID and the whole situation with George Floyd. I think think they (Big Ten) made a gigantic error shutting down,” Whitlock said.

Ingraham then inquired about TV ratings for NFL Week 1, and asked if this was due to athletes lecturing Americans about politics on game day.

“People are wanting to be on the right side of history instead of doing the right thing in the moment,” Whitlock said.

Jason had a lot more to say, and you’ll want to watch the FULL INTERVIEW right here.


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  1. Jason is absolutely right about the opportunities offered by college sports. More than he knows in fact. A sports scholarship can kick start multi-generational upward mobility. My own father would never have got near the campus of the University of Tennessee without football. I was never good enough to get to that level myself, but the education my father got allowed him to provide his family with opportunities (like a college education) that wouldn’t have been possible without what football gave him. I’m sure that story repeats many times across the country. How many kids got an opportunity for growth, not because they were great athletes, but because they had a parent or grandparent who was?

  2. Great interview and conversation with Laura, Jason. And you said it yourself about you and Ball State and the path it opened up for you. We always hear about the hundred or so young kids with over the top talent, but what about the thousands of kids who’s lives are forever improved because of college sports…and the ripple effect of creating families and everything that flows from that.

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