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ICYMI: Jason Whitlock Sits Down With President Trump

OutKick partner Jason Whitlock traveled to our nation’s capital Wednesday to conduct a sit-down interview with the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump.

There are less than two weeks to go before the presidential election on Tuesday, Nov. 3. And the final debate with Democratic challenger and former VP Joe Biden is Thursday night in Nashville.

At such an important juncture in the president’s campaign, it is crucial for him to select only the most influential news outlets to share his message. It should come as no surprise that President Trump chose OutKick, a website that continues to rise in prominence and influence, both in the worlds of politics and sports.

Jason and the president addressed a variety of topics, including the America First program, Trump’s relationship with the black community, and of course, a little football.

Later, in an interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, Whitlock had this to add:

“I think we have been carrying on a facade for three and a half years as black men that somehow we can’t relate to Donald Trump, that we didn’t celebrate him in hip-hop music for decades, that he wasn’t friends with countless black athletes, entertainers, celebrities,” Whitlock told Carlson.

“That facade is starting to end,” Whitlock added, “and I think that’s why you’ve seen the rapper Ice Cube, you’ve seen 50 Cent and Kanye [West] start reaching out and acknowledging the truth that they really don’t have a problem with Donald Trump.”

To commemorate this experience, Jason is personally offering you 30% off of VIP membership between now and Friday at midnight.

If you are interested in a media appearance by Jason Whitlock or Clay Travis, please click this link and give us the details.

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  1. Jason, wow! I can’t wait to watch. As other VIP’s have said previously, OutKick truly is going to help save our country. (I needed a lift today also. I saw that the NBA rewarded Stan Van Gundy for all his hating on American by giving him the head coaching job in New Orleans. Van Gundy also came out the other day(in an article for the “Players Coalition”) against legislature protecting citizens from violent mobs. According to Van Gundy, if a violent mob attacks you and starts smashing in your windows, you have no right to try to drive away and potentially injure one of the rioters. While the American hating millionaires are in gated mansions, they tell us we have to be at mercy of mob. The NBA just becomes more and more a joke each day)

    • It makes sense that guys like Cowherd are woke, even if they don’t believe it. They want to keep in step with the rest of the walking dead zombies lest they stand out and get mauled. They’ll get ridiculed and blackballed by their media peers, and possibly censored by Twitter, if they don’t stick to the woke script. Those guys are all in the woke echo chamber.

        • Cowherd is like the rest of the MSM–he doesn’t give a rats ass about other peoples businesses being burnt down or innocent people being murdered as long as its not his loved ones or his business. He has done his absolute best to promote BLM/Antifa mayhem in the name of peaceful protests as anyone. Have fun Nov.4 CC-Ja#k@ss

      Hey Jason…a great interview and conversation!!!
      Great advice at the end to the Pres to let China Joe do the work at the debate, or at least more of it, and the mic controls would seem to benefit the Pres on the face of it, but we know how the Dimcraps play by different rules…not a level playing field, so we’ll wait and see.

  2. That was a terrific interview Jason. Great questions and Your advice to let Biden speak was spot on. But I doubt Trump will “soften” the tone if re-elected since he will have an even bigger target on his back.

  3. Jason Whitlock, thank you. Your interview with President Trump was outstanding and made me proud to be an OutKick supporter. I really appreciate your intelligent, insightful approach to sports journalism, and now, your broadening coverage of our world, also.

  4. What an opportunity! Interview was fantastic. Love your passion. That was a nice candid, comfortable, and most of all respectful interview. Jason I live in KC and have followed you since then. Great great article. I can’t thank you enough for being so transparent with your fans, Americans in general, and even the President. It shows how much you care for this country and what is ultimately responsible for it being what it is today. Keep it up please. I can’t tell enough people about you guys. God Bless.

  5. Wow! Great interview, Jason! I’ve been listening to Clay’s morning show pretty religiously for the last couple of years and in our current climate, he has risen to the top as the most sane, rational, logical voice in all of media… and partnering up with you was just a grand slam! You stand up for what you believe and you call people out for their hypocrisy, much like Clay. Keep fighting the good fight! And congrats on the honor of your White House interview with the President of the United States!

  6. If my small VIP membership fee helped Clay Travis bring you over to Outkick, and in turn have a smart, well spoken. objective journalist sit down with the president of the US, it was money well spent for that if nothing else. Great job JW, and keep it growing Clay.

  7. A few things:

    • First, Jason, I am really happy for you. One could say that this is an ultimate achievement in journalism, to interview the President of the United States. I have watched you for years, and it is nice to see your career develop.
    • I cannot conceal my bias, but this was the best interview I have ever seen with the President, if for no other reason you were not coming from the Right or the Left. He clearly was very comfortable speaking with you, and was not guarded or defensive. He understood your questions and answered them directly.
    • In a sense, there was nothing political about it
    • You were respectful but not obsequious
    • I do not think you consider yourself a spokesperson for Black America, but I think you understand what is helpful and what is harmful. You and he understand the importance of athletics to life in urban America and the associated opportunities that come from participation in college sports.
    • Finally, the rarity here is that you expressed ideas that were heartfelt and sincere…and the President projected empathy for these values.

    For once, it was nice to see an honest discussion with a political figure, especially someone as difficult as Donald Trump. Brilliant work Jason.

  8. Jason, thanks for showing the MSM how a “real journalist” conducts an interview. Great topics and conversation. I hope you were able to gain a deeper insight on President Trump. I know some of his traits have concerned you in the past, but as you have learned he is not and never will be a DC politician. His accomplishments hold the most importance. It was easy to see the respect that was being shared. Excellent job on the interview and on Tucker’s show.

  9. Fantastic job, Jason!
    How so many haters can claim to prefer the divisive lifetime politicians over this man and his administration’s results is a sad commentary on the indoctrination and tribal mentality that infests this nation.
    America cannot stand without Judeo-Christian values and Trump’s enemies (not merely opponents) are committed to a secular paganism to drive that out of the country.
    If “post-Trump” comes in 2025, we’ve still got a chance to save the USA. If it comes in 2021, we’ve got almost no chance.

  10. The interview was fantastic. Thank you Jason for pointing out what us Trump supporters have always said -look at his actions not his words. I am from Brooklyn there is a thin piece of paper between Mr Trump and me in saying things in a baffoonish way. Kudos to you and Outkick for making this happen. Sad when you left Fox but your impact now is boundless. as i have said before if i just wasn’t married….. also great interview with Tucker!!!

  11. Jason, OMG that was fantastic! You brought out the side of Trump people need to see. It’s too bad that from a PR perspective Trump can be his own worst enemy. I hope he takes your advice on the debate tonight. Let Biden talk! Yes, hit him with tough questions like “are you the “Big Guy”?”, “Did you and your son work together on foreign business deals” and then STFU. If Trump does that, Biden will literally commit political suicide. Jason – DO MORE OF THESE INTERVIEWS! YOU ARE A JOURNALIST, SIR. NEXT – INTERVIEW OTHERS, DEMS IF THEY WOULD LET YOU (NO WAY I KNOW, BUT TRY). Really, really good!

  12. Great interview Jason you showed why Outkick is the source for real journalism. The straight talk you and Travis give us is the best deal in this corrupt time where the media wants to tell us he news not report the news. Thank Nick

  13. Great advice for Trump to let Biden talk. There’s no greater strategy than to let him keep yapping. Eventually he’ll always say something nuts. You brought out the Trump so many voted for that we don’t get to see as much. Great job JW!

  14. Great Interview Whitlock – very pleasant to see a civil interview of the President & well-directed on topic to topic allowing him to speak in his terms – Trump knows what’s going on, gets it, sees different angles – he may talk with his hands & get off on tangents in weird places but he’s working for the little guy & he was the original Rapper – love the ending on ‘let Joe talk & do the work for you’ — brilliant.

    Have you or Clay reached out to interview Biden?

  15. Perhaps Trump’s greatest accomplishment that rarely gets mentioned is he really is draining the swamp. Is there anyone or thing over the past 4 years that has not been exposed of their true colors. FBI, CIA and others completely exposed as corrupt, mainstream media being anything but “the free press”, dems being so desperate they are more upset over calling ms-13 animals than the killing of born babies not wanted and when they can’t win at the ballot box-just change the rules like petulant children. Before Trump, who knew Lebron James and Jemele Hill were the same person. Never Trumpers try to be relevant but are really an after thought at this point. I mean Ann Coulter, how many more freaking miles of Wall will make you happy. NO one on this planet could have done what trump has done to drain the swamp. It is a beautiful thing to see the whole damn thing imploding on the left right now.

    Mark Jackson–any basketball owner in the NBA who is serious about winning should give MJ a Jon Gruden type contract. While Trump has completely changed the landscape of Washington, MJ took over a Warrior team and completely changed the culture of the franchise. All coaches at that level can coach but very few in any profession can change the culture. He got them to play defense and helped them form a winning mentality. Had he been able to install an offense that kept Curry from getting double teamed and throwing the ball away he would still be the coach and have some rings to boot. He did 90 percent of the lifting for Kerr. I just hope he is not coaching by his choice.

    Agee with all, JW that was the best interview I have witnessed. Trump’s calm demeanor was a direct result of who you are and what you stand for. Congratulations.

  16. just a thought on the President being Kind and Gentle…I think it’s a case of ‘responding to people the way they treat YOU’.

    They call him the worst things imaginable.

    The Left is not accustomed to advisories actually fighting back.

  17. Absolutely superb interview Jason. Your are true journalist you ask real question. On thing that matter to AMERICANS. I hope black American will see that Trump wants all Americans to make more Money. Green is the true way to get equal rights in America. And you can’t do it taking care of Canada Mexico Europe India and the middle East wars. Trumps America first proves he not a republican or a democrat. I’M a X steelworker after 29 years Bethlehem Steel went bankrupt I lose everything why because of foreign steel. Back to your interview Jason you are the first journalist to ask about Antifa and the Black community . Unlike the Democrat Trump hating Chris Wallace of Fox .
    Fantastic job Jason

  18. Outkick…thanks for the outstanding content you provide each day! And, I have total respect for “common sense” Jason Whitlock!

    It was totally refreshing to have a reporter ask the President relevant questions without being antagonistic, hostile, and coming at the President with “gotcha” questions. Thanks, Jason, for your professional interview: I wish you and Outkick the greatest success. God bless you!

  19. Jason, Clay, love your take on life and how you both approach sports and politics! Thank you for willing to speak out on all issues facing us from corona bro’s, Lebron James and race issues. You are giving a lot of us a voice. I enjoyed your talks with Trump. I am impressed he was willing to come on your shows.

    Sports has always brought us together! Hopefully, we will get back there some day!



  20. I’m a life-long sports fan who was a frequent consumer of sports programming and I’ve reached a point where I rarely watch any. I hate being lectured to by what I see as an uninformed and undereducated group of athletes as well as their media enablers, who ought to know better. I just became a VIP simply to support your company. It would be easier for you if you just went along with the corporate media and repeated the same nonsense they’ve been selling us so I appreciate your willingness to look honestly at what’s going on in our country . I loved Jason’s interview with President Trump and I love Clay’s take on the futility of the COVID lockdowns and the damage they have done. It’s sad that a site that’s mostly about sports outperforms most of the mainstream media on covering politics, but I give you guys a lot of credit for what you’re doing.

  21. Hey Jason. I caught the entire VIP forum this morning. Such great people who simply share affection, respect and allegiance to you. By that I mean, they share an appreciation of your incredible sense of humanity.
    I could not get through to participate because of my own technological stupidity. And, I had so many stupid things to say. Oh well. Maybe next time.
    Got a chuckle out of Steve Young 🙈
    All I really wanted to say:
    You write like Hemingway and sound like Nat King Cole. Outstanding combination.
    America is better because of you.

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