Jason Whitlock Talks Movement of Sports with Mark Levin

Outkick’s Jason Whitlock appeared on the Mark Levin Show last night.

“Do these [NFL and NBA] players know they are embracing a Marxist-anarchist movement,” Levin asked Whitlock.

Whitlock said they have no idea and pointed out LeBron James and Colin Kaepernick have been used as “useful idiots.”

Here’s the full interview with The Great One and Whitlock:

Levin promoted Outkick on Twitter after the interview:

You can read all of Jason Whitlock’s Outkick columns here.

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  1. Outstanding.
    Whitlock, I think you impressed Mark Levin, and that’s spectacular.
    No one ever thinks about the issues you raised in the context of sport and Americana. All of this does and will affect those who don’t even watch sports in a “normal” year. Thank you for your voice.

  2. So, so damn proud of you Jason. As an avid follower and fan of yours for years now, along with an avid reader of news and politics my entire life, I have been sharing your many thoughts and comments with friends for years now, but since joining Outkick, you have shown all of my friends just how justified I have been in sharing your unique gospel, just the same as has Tucker Carlson, Ben Shapiro, Etc, and now “The Great One”, Mark Levin. My heart swells with pride Jason that finally the cream has truly risen to the very top in not only sports journalism sir, but more importantly, American journalism as a whole. A truly unique take on the intersections of sports, Twitter, BLM, and social culture that the American people benefit. Go Jason! I’m a VIP because of you.

  3. Just heard Jason on the Mark Levin Podcast.
    Jason and Outkick are on fire! More exposure will get the message out to more people. Those of you not familiar with Mark Levin or FOXNEWS, catch Mark on Life, Liberty and Levin
    Sundays 8PM ET FOXNEWS

  4. Whitlock on Carlson, Rush Limbaugh talking about Whitlock on Carlson, Clay on Ingraham and now Whitlock on Levin. Safe to say EVERYBODY who matters is talking about outkick. I’m waiting for the appearances on the highest rated left-wing shows…hah jk, I know damn well they’re too cowardly to bring Clay or Whitlock on!

  5. One more thought:

    I love it when others in the major conservative media discover Jason seemingly for the first time. The excitement is real.

    I think that the overall media’s discovery and embrace of Jason and his logic for the first time is not unlike Columbus discovering North America.

    it’s that big of a deal.

    I feel validated ☘️

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