Jason Whitlock Goes On Tucker Carlson, Talks Tanking NBA Ratings And A Lot More

OutKick partner and columnist Jason Whitlock made an appearance on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Fox News Tuesday evening, and the conversations was lively and well-informed.

Topic A was the reasoning behind the tanking NBA TV ratings. For another view on the issue, check out this story from OutKick’s Greg Couch.

Jason’s chat with Tucker started off strong and only got better. Here’s what Jason had to say about the NBA:

“They have LeBron James, who allegedly is the biggest star in all of sports, playing for the Lakers, the biggest star in the NBA, and they couldn’t draw flies. This is a problem.”


“There’s no denying that this hard lean into an anti-American sentiment has turned off traditional American sports fans.”

If you love sports and love America, you will want to check out the full interview:

Written by Outkick


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  1. Every time I turn around the NBA gets more pathetic. Whether it’s Popovich lying about Police shootings and promoting the “hands up don’t shoot” myth, whether it’s Lebron refusing to condemn the shooting of LA police officers, or whether it’s Mark Cuban refusing to condemn ethnic cleansing, the NBA’s hypocrisy and total lack of integrity just leaves me speechless.

  2. Outkick is great, but it’s time that you guys really dig into the details. Do some investigative journalism into the mega athletes behind BLM and the ‘behind’ the curtain stuff that is going with foreign investments and anti American attitudes.

    Time to expose those behind all this including the NBA owners and Nike and ESPN and others.

  3. A very dear friend of mine was traveling to Russia on business about 15 years ago, he was detained over literally nothing, and kept naked in a cold dark cell for over 24 hours, seemingly for nothing more than the amusement of the tyrannical guards. He still has shakes to this day, and I’ll never forget his words when he finally got home “Don’t ever put yourself at the mercy of a government like the Russians.”

  4. Jason Whitlock kicks ass on Trucker Jason your right about the NBA and China. LeBron James will teardown the fan bass that Magic ‘ Brid ‘ the Bad boy Pistons the New York Knick and Patrick Ewing Charles Barkley Lakers Kobe Bryant and Shack built. James will destroy the NBA Fan base in America so he can be a Social Media Star has twitter fed with a Fake number of follower. Jack Dorsey adds million to James account to promote Dorsey’s agenda to do business with China .

    Megan Kelly made a fool out of Mark Cuban . I hope the people in Texas see him for what he is a told fraud how he can Say America is a racist country and say nothing about China and the thing that go on there Cuban make me sick he a disgrace to America and ever thing we stand and he dose it for more $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  5. I envy your ability to calmly, clearly and concisely articulate your points – points which are logical, well thought out and based in fact. I am impressed with your insight, but your communication skills, both oral and written, are at a different level than the rest. Much appreciated.

  6. I think the word is cynical. Cuban, Adam Silver, Popovich etc., these guys are too smart not to know and understand what they are doing and yet their love of money drives them to find excuses for their behavior. One way or another the circle will come all the way around. Oh and Jason W, thanks for the clarity.

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