Jason Day Has Doubts Bryson DeChambeau Can Keep The Great Bulkening Going

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Jason Day made headlines this week when he shared his doubts that Bryson DeChambeau can keep up the Incredible Bulk routine and be successful long term on the PGA Tour.

“I had a quick chat to him about his body and his swing,” Day told the media this week.  “In the short-term I think it’s going to be fine. Mid-to-long-term I don’t think it’s going to be. I don’t think his body can handle the amount of stress that he’s putting on it because not only did he add a lot of weight quickly, he’s added a lot of speed very quickly, too.”

Day went through a semi-Great Bulkening that eventually led to his back problems and tanked his world ranking from No. 1 in 2016, to No. 13 in ’17, No. 14 in ’18, No. 37 in ’19 and now he’s sitting at No. 35.

The good news here is that Day’s not going behind DeChambeau’s back to talk about him. Give Day credit for having a friendly conversation about his past experiences. You have to really know someone to give them a chat like this from Day. Hey bud, I think this may be a bad idea. That’s the type of conversation you have with guys you golf with at least a couple times a month.

Big Boy Bryson has slowed down after a very hot start when the PGA returned from its coronavirus shutdown. Since winning the Rocket Mortgage Classic in Detroit, DeChambeau has missed two cuts and had a 30th at St. Jud and T-4 at the PGA Championship. Before the Memorial where he had a quintuple-bogey meltdown to miss the cut, he hadn’t missed playing the weekend since The Greenbrier back in September 2019.

DeChambeau doesn’t show any signs of slowing down with his bulked lifestyle. He’s still pounding organic protein shakes to keep his figure and is still leading the tour with a 324-yard driving average.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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  1. How come I stopped lifting weights and my swing, distance and consistency have all improved exponentially since January and I’m 53.

    Tiger tore up his back and other parts with his Over Powered Swing. Now this guy thinks he can create a brand by crushing the ball at all cost.

    Let me know how many times he hits the green off the Tee on Par 4’s in real tournaments.

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