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Well, what did you think of the NFL and its tripleheaders?

Not bad, right? Twenty hours or so of NFL action over two days in January with nothing else to do is one of Roger Goodell’s greatest gifts to humanity. I understand the guy has been mostly horrible for mankind, but this weekend should win him some medals. Rog’s plan to add a seventh playoff team has to be here to stay. There’s no going back at this point. I’m not going back to finding something to do at 1 p.m. on Wild Card Saturday. I was in the garage tinkering, the game was on, the kids were shooting darts at each other, I had a few beers and cracked peanuts. It was beautiful.

Did you guys pay attention to what I told you about road teams on Wild Card weekend over the last couple of years? After the Browns win, the Wild Card road teams are now 10-4 over the last three seasons. I sense a trend.

As for the winners, we’re living in very precious times when both the Bills and Browns have advanced in the playoffs. This is the first year since the NFL merger that the Browns and Bills have won playoff games in the same season. Dare we jump ahead to a Browns at Bills AFC Championship Game for the ages?

On the NFC side, we get a Brady-Brees game with the loser leaving town (or retiring) and Jared Goff’s thumb going to Green Bay. Rodgers vs. Brees/Brady for a shot at the Super Bowl. Are you kidding me? Thank you, Roger. You have screwed up so much, but these playoffs make up for so much. Keep pumping it into my veins.

• It appears the national championship tickets have dried up. The price has jumped to $1,200.

• The videos of football fans partying in bars across the country this weekend were a beautiful thing. There was one of Bills fans in Atlanta standing on tables that damn near brought a Big Ben tear to my eye. Next weekend, it’s time for Ohio bars to cash in. Browns-Chiefs is Sunday at 3:05 ET. Bar owners desperately need the huge day coming their way. People will be partying in the streets in many cities across the state. Suck it, COVID.

CNBC’s out with another post that’s going to infuriate a segment of social media users: Assuming a 6% return on the $600 stimulus check, 25-year-olds are looking at turning their check into $6,171 at retirement age. I can’t wait to see people react to this.

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